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The Ceasar Adventures

Two weeks ago Tuesday my husband and I took Ceasar for a doggie pedicure at the vets. When we finished we stopped for lunch at a spot near the river. My husband opened the car door to adjust the front seat. Then we drove home, to our suprise the dog was missing. He had made one of his faster than a speeding bullet exits on the river bank. We did not notice he was missing along the way because he was crammed in the back seat with my walker. My husband hurried back to the busy street and… Continue

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Meditation prayer and foster dog

We have a little Maltese cross from the animal rescue we are fostering for around 4 weeks, he had his patella operated on and is full of beans and not resting his leg. Got home from work today and he has chewed the bandage off, running around under my feet.. when down stairs to do my nightly thing of prayer and meditation and guess who wouldn`t leave me alone >> so i got a chair sat him on it beside me, gave him Holy Communion ( he likes those bickies) Anointed him then sat and prayed and… Continue

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Hi Everyone - please pray for my Grand-dog, Lyric. Lyric is the most beautiful and sweet Keeshond you could ever meet. My daughter is very worried about her because she is very ill and because she lo…

Hi Everyone - please pray for my Grand-dog, Lyric. Lyric is the most beautiful and sweet Keeshond you could ever meet. My daughter is very worried about her because she is very ill and because she lost her last Keesie at the same age as Lyric now is. Please pray and send healing thoughts to her. Thanks, Ann Continue

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Wow look at that photo time for an update, they all look so sad lol. That was taken when our foster dog Minx had his leg amputated...We still have Minx he was so distraught when he went back to the Animal Welfare League to be rehomed they asked us would we keep him. He is love with our red poodle Fergie and is a mummies boy.

We still take in Foster dogs and wonder why they are abandoned as we never have any dramas with them.Great story this week...we were asked to foster a little dog that… Continue

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Please explain what the gifts are all about. I haven't been on this site in quite awhile and have no idea what it means.


Added by Lauren K Gropp on November 19, 2009 at 5:53pm — 1 Comment

Falling leaves with Sam and Alex

My sweet babies, Sam and Alex, love to play outside and I let them run around the fenced yard and play as much as possible when I am off. Alex chases Sam and Sam chases Alex. This past weekend we spent a good bit of time in the yard raking and mowing because the leaves are falling so heavily now. I try to clean them up often so I don' t lose my dogs in all the leaves. I joked to some friends that the leaves in my yard were so heavy that when I saw a couple of moving ball of leaves coming toward… Continue

Added by Betty Pike on November 16, 2009 at 9:46am — No Comments

11/15/09 UPDATE!!! IT'S ABOUT TIME..........

Hi It's been along time since I have written anything, but I look at the site all the time, but just don't take the time to write..

Well a month or so ago, Bart (now 5), collasped at the cememtery where we go everyday for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, so it's not like he wasn't use to this kind of excerise and play. I first though heart attack and was ready to do CPR. then I thought maybe a stroke, He could not walk, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, eyes glazed over and… Continue

Added by Marlys on November 15, 2009 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Puppy Growth

Our Black Lab puppy is now twenty four weeks old. His tail has started to curve to the right and his left back leg sometimes seems to splay out when he is running - has anyone else had this happen? He is a very large and 'leggy' pup and we wondered if this is a normal symptom associated with rapid growth and if it's something that's fairly common and they grow out of?

Added by Jane & Robert on November 14, 2009 at 2:01pm — No Comments

November 13

Sam and I have finally adjusted to having Alex in the house. For nine years it was only Sam and myself. I kept thinking about getting Sam a little brother but just never did. When Alex came from Oklahoma to live with us I thought I had made the biggest mistake -- that was in August of 09. It is now November and the adjustment period is almost complete. Sam loves Alex just like I do and I can't tell you how much I enjoy being mommy to the both of them. Sam has been rejuvenated and loves to run… Continue

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My Babies Tommy, Dixie, and Harley

Hello, My name is Sammy and I have a zoo at my home. Tommy is 10 year old shepard chow husky mix. He is my husbands dog. Even though I have trained him and feed him he rarely listens to me. Oh well. We got him when he was 6 months old. Someone was giving the dogs away and she had him tied to a tree. Tommy is a very smart dog but very stubern.

Dixie is my cuddle butt kissy face pitbull. She is such a loving dog and loves children. We got her when she was 9 months old. She had already been… Continue

Added by Sammy on November 9, 2009 at 7:07am — 1 Comment

Psychic pets ~Mali and boo boos

I am not sure what passes for psychic in animals. I have a young service dog named Mali. I got her when she was 11 weeks old. I had a trainer come to my home to help with her training through advanced obedience and hand signs, since then I have done the rest of her training and Mali has passed all the rest of her tests with 100%. At this time, Mali is only 15 months old.

Mali had only had her harness for a couple of months. We were very proud of her, as she had passed the adult… Continue

Added by Hedgewitch on November 9, 2009 at 5:21am — 1 Comment

An Audience

This august My husband and I took all three girls to a gathering in Northern New York where there were about 100 ISSR Shiloh Shepherds. The Founder of the Breed has this get together every year along with a huge Dog Show, Lectures from guest speakers, Rally meets and a ton of FUN. WE stayed a whole week had a lot of fun. It is just too bad it rained part of the week and most of the time we were outside.

I am one of those people with a slightly compromise immune system, so I… Continue

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What's with Ning's dislike of I Remember Love

I have belonged to other Ning groups and am very active in one. However, in I Remember Love, I can't upload my photos. In Paws Up/Down, I can't make comments because it wants me to sign in.

I'm already signed in!!!

What gives?

I tried to respond to a friend request, but it doesn't seem to exist!

Why is Ning trying to destroy this beautiful site?

Can anybody help me.

If I didn't already belong to another Ning group… Continue

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Mali and the Monster


Every night Steve and I take Mali to the green way. The green way is a 17-mile walking park. In between the trails, we walk and the return course there is a large field and today there were tractors racking and bailing hay. Mali loves going to go to the green way. She has many friends there, who often walk with us in a pack as we travel our three-mile route. One day when Mali was 7 months old, no one from the pack was on… Continue

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I had wanted to have another dog for many years. I wanted a dog which would be loyal, easy to train, intelligent, a watch dog not a guard dog, impressive in mind and body. One day I stumbled across a picture of a Shiloh Shepherd. I could not stop looking at the picture. It featured a group of shepherds who were eye popping to look at. Some of them were shorthaired or what I later learned is called smooth coated, and some of them were long haired, or plush if you will.

The plush… Continue

Added by Hedgewitch on November 6, 2009 at 8:11am — 1 Comment

my critters

I have a home full of critters. Besides my 3 dogs I have salt water fish, fresh water commets, Elmo is a baby igunana, Drake is a baby bearded dragon, Amadeus is my rat, Houdini, Sky, and Puddi are mt parakeets, and JoJo and Dobby are my cockatiels.

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