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Dogs in Brazil

Hi I am new here. I have a blogspot

my blogspot is hosted by Emmy a german shepherd and she tells us all about the daily life of 14 rescue dogs and mom and dads problems with other street dogs yet to be rescued. Please visit and see what you think.

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Helen Keller & her love for dogs

How can a person being blind love dogs so very much like Helen did? Dogs are such angelical creatures. Sometimes our dogs don’t act like angels but they are always very happy to see us. They make our tough days more bearable. I’m sure Helen’s days were more bearable with the company of her dogs. She was hearing and visually impaired. Blind people can walk faster & safer with a dog. Dogs are taken to school & taught to be patient and gentle since they are repeatedly told to go left or…


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Healthy Teeth

Have you ever thought about taking your dog to the dentist with you? It will certainly be fun. Your dentist will stare at you as you proceed to suggest he examine your dog’s teeth. Dogs can have tooth injuries. Inflammation and infection will be inevitable and your dog will experience pain and discomfort but don’t panic…There is always a remedy for everything in life! Many times teeth are broken by chewing on a hard object. You must take your dog to the vet immediately to complete an oral…


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Things to do these holidays: Any suggestions?

Well, around this time of the year people usually get together with their families & exchange Christmas presents, etc. Will love trying something different this year? Maybe a romantic get away, or decorating with different colors, move around furniture, new holiday recipes, listen to some different Christmas music, buy a purple outfit instead of a red one:~) I’m determine to do something different these holidays. Not sure yet…


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Can dogs eat human foods?

Onions, garlic, grapes & chocolate are bad for dogs; especially chocolate which poison becomes in their system. They are not able to absorb it. Beware of chicken bones. Salty, sweet (high in sugar content), or fatty should be avoided as well. Some dogs are…


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My New Year Resolutions

Do you have any hope & dreams for your new year? Are there any things left undone? Places you wanted to visit? People you wanted to meet? Things you wanted to buy? Or perhaps you… Continue

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