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Service Dog Training School Fund

I am thinking ahead. This summer, July, I will get a boxer puppy to train to succeed Donovan.  I can afford the puppy but I cannot afford the training school.

There is an $800 deposit that has to be paid at the time of application.  Then, on the first day of class, there is an additional $400 to be paid.  Six months after that there is another $400…


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One Week

It's a week ago that Donovan was euthanized. It feels like yesterday, and it feels forever ago.  I don't know how to explain it, but it's like he's not gone even though I know he is.  

I got a reminder that he is gone today.  I went by a friend/neighbor's apartment and her dog who has a crush on Donovan came running out all excited to see him.  When…


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Donovan's Surgery

The surgery which was scheduled for Tuesday the 9th of August did not happen. Our ride never showed up nor did she call.

I have rescheduled the surgery for Friday the 19th of August.  This time I have rides with two of my friends.  One is dropping us off at the vet's.  The other is picking us up afterwards.

All prayers and positive thoughts appreciated.  If you did so on the 9th, don't worry prayers and positive thoughts don't spoil.

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Donovan has Surgery

On Tuesday, August 9th Donovan will have dental surgery. Part of it is my fault for not brushing his teeth regularly. He will have a number of extractions. He also gets two flaps of overgrown gum removed.  Finally the vet will remove a small nodule from his stomach.  It's the nodule that's problematic.  It may be cancerous.  We're hoping not.  All prayers are appreciated.

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Putting the Dogs First

I went to my doctor the other day. She gave me holy hell. I haven't been eating a lot, because I've been spending all my money on dog food. I lost six pounds in a month. My doctor says I'm setting myself up for an infection. Well, I hope not.

Ziva continues to be a wonder. She's worth her weight in gold. I need to start training her more. She's ready and I'm procrastinating.

Donovan is still the best dog I ever had. I yelled at him tonight, and had to apologize. He went… Continue

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This is the only picture I have of Ziva right now. She is much cuter than the picture shows. It will be some time before I get other pictures. I am quite broke. ( Between Donovan's surgery, and now the new puppy, who luckily I can make payments on. Most breeders don't do that, but she knows my circumstances and agreed.

I am up at two am writing this. Ziva woke me at one am tearing up old envelopes. Amazing how… Continue

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I have a puppy coming. She'll be here tomorrow afternoon. I am a little nervous about how Donovan will act. He should be neutral because it is a female puppy. I just don't know how he will be about sharing me. I am a little unprepared and nothing I can do about it. My wheel chair charger isn't working, and I can't charge up my wheel chair to get anywhere to get what I need. All it is, is a leash for the puppy. As it is Donovan and Ziva will have to share one leash until I can get to petsmart to… Continue

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No Chocolate (Lab) for Me

After a long day of waiting and changing plans. I got the word that Sullivan, the six-month-old chocolate lab puppy did not pass the service dog temperament test. He was too timid and had no prey drive.

What do I do now? I wait for the next batches of puppies to be bred and born. The labradoodle will be bred again in November. That means February will be puppy time. Just in time for me to start classes, again, in March.

Right now I am sort of disappointed and dispirited. I… Continue

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The Latest Puppy News

The chocolate lab on the left is most like what I might be getting. "My" puppy has a white spot on its chest. I get to see him on August first. Great preparations are being made to introduce the puppy to Donovan, who must not be aggressive toward the puppy. Donovan has been somewhat more aggressive since Dazzler was in the picture. If Donovan is aggressive toward the puppy that will be the end of it. No puppy. Since I am getting a… Continue

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No Donations Needed

I talked to the vet at the clinic where Donovan had his tumor removed. Chances of it spreading, or even coming back are slim. He doesn't need radiation, or anything else.

I am canceling the appointment with the oncologist.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. They're what made this possible.

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Donations Needed

Donovan needs to go to the oncologist. That's a cancer doctor for those unfamiliar with the term oncologist. It's expensive. The office visit alone is $120.75. One of the tests is $420, the other they won't tell me the price of.

I set up a web site for donations. The url is: I also set up a Pay Pal account to receive the donations I'm hoping the site brings in. Have a look, even if you don't donate, you can comment.

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Good News

I took Donovan to the vet yesterday to have the drainage tube taken out. The vet told me the tumor was a grade one, which is the "best" we could hope for. Donovan still has to go to the oncologist, probably because even though she didn't tell me so, the vet probably didn't get clean margins. That means the removed tissue had no evidence of cancer - if it's clean. So probably Donovan will need some radiation. Though maybe not. The oncologist has not called me back to schedule Donovan sooner. We… Continue

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Donovan, the Best Dog Ever

Donovan has cancer. It's a mast cell tumor on the back of his right hind leg. If they operate right away, and get it all the prognosis is good. He will probably still need chemotherapy. Even the possibility of such a cancer reoccurring is great.

It looks like I need my puppy pretty badly after all. The puppies will be born around the 15th of July. They will be temperament tested at 7 weeks. Then probably I will be taking mine home with me when it's eight weeks old. I can't imagine… Continue

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Doodle Update

Lucy, the mamma doodle, is definitely pregnant. We don't know how many puppies she's carrying yet. I'll probably find out this Saturday when I go to class. The puppies will be born around the end of July. That means they'll be eight weeks old the end of September. That means I'll be starting a second class without a dog.

It's all okay. It means Donovan gets to go with me to classes a bit longer. I still have some reservations about Donovan and another puppy. Donovan did the "dominant… Continue

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Doodlie Do

In September I am getting an eight to ten week old labradoodle puppy to train as my service dog.

It will look like one of these when it's grown. If I'm lucky, it will look like this when I get it.

I am hoping that my current service dog, Donovan, will get along with this puppy. I am a little afraid that Dazzler ruined Donovan for getting along with puppies. Donovan went for a German… Continue

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Dazzler Departs

Last Saturday, the first Saturday in May, Dazzler went back to his breeder.

Unbeknownst to me, he had nipped three of my friends hard enough to draw blood. A service dog cannot do that. So that alone would have made him have to go back. However, he also attacked Donovan. That was the last straw. I love Donovan. He's saved me from harm many times.

Dazzler, while loving in his own way, was just too feisty. Too willing to do battle on slight provocation. So I said good-bye to… Continue

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Some Puppy!

I have the puppy, and he is a puppy, but he's an eleven month old puppy. He's a good dog, smart, willing, and patient. He'll make a fine service dog after the two years of training.

On a personal level, he's a lover. He gives me kisses. I've even taught him to kiss me on the chin when I say, "kisses." He wants to be close to me just like Donovan. Oh, yeah, his name? It's Dazzler. I suppose it's because he's "fancy." Which means he's brindle with white markings. A few too many white… Continue

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Puppy Time!

Just a short note to tell everyone that a puppy, genuine purebred boxer type, will be joining Donovan and me soon.

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