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I've been gone from this site for over a year...thought I was permanently "gone" when my old computer died and I had to obtain a new one. Hello to Maltese Mom, James, Molly and everyone. Ceili, my Shih-Tzu/Maltese mix is doing just fine. Best, Helen

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Miracles Happen

Around one year ago, a woman in my neighborhood lost her small Italian Greyhound. She was new to Buffalo then. I have never seen such dedication and perseverance in trying to find a lost pet. She placed ads, posters, online posts, classified ads, bulletin boards, etc. everywhere looking for him. At one point I emailed her to say I would be on the lookout. I always have a spare leash and doggy treats in my car, and also on walks.

A year has passed. She has begun her search once more. This… Continue

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Ceili receives a Blessing

Well, my girl had another new experience this week.I took her to a Pet Blessing at my Church. The Blessing is in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. Ceili is very social, and she has never had so many dogs "hit" on her! She kept looking over to me, as if to ask whether all this flirting was OK. It was too funny (or maybe you had to be there...) I've got to find her a play group!

On a different note, I feel so badly and ashamed about not following the "Prayers for My Pup" group. I have had many… Continue

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Street Angel, House Devil!

Whenever Ceili and I go visiting, she never, ever begs. She is a canine "Miss Manners"! But...at home she believes she has a legal right to half of each of my meals!
I don't keep in touch as much as I'd like, and have little computer skill. Hopefully I'll be more active in the near future.

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Ceili, "RN"

I've been on sick leave for the past two weeks. At first Ceili seemed bewildered--why was I home ALL the time??? But then I believe she figured it out. More puppy kisses! More lap time! And she was a most gracious hostess to to the visiting nurse and physical therapist! I'm returning to work on Monday. I think I'd better leave the house for a few hours today and tomorrow so she can get used to being "off duty"!

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