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Hard Loss

It has been a rough time for us. We have lost two of our beloved family members. We will miss them but we are at peace knowing they are together and not alone. They are now joining Yona and Buffy in a beautiful place of peace and happiness. We will see them again as we remember them.

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Boo has followed Dinky

Boo Bear passed away, Rich believes he died of a broken heart. It was very hard to say goodbye to Dinky and even harder yet to say goodbye to Boo. I really believed they would live a long and happy life here in North Carolina. I will miss them dearly.

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Dinky Doodle has passed away

Today we lost Dinky. She had shown no signs of illness but she had gained a bit of weight. Even though we have the boys and Muffin, the loss is hard. She was our little girl and was always special. Sabrina went to call them in but only three came in. They had been quiet for awhile but we didn't think anything of it. When they came in they weren't bouncing around the way they usually did. Sabrina went out the back door and was screaming for Dinky. When… Continue

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Brave Boo!

We had a scare tonight. Boo attacked Muffin! Rich jumped and grabed Muffins collar but BooBear was attached to her neck. Rich was holding Boo up in the air and I grabed hold of Muffin. The way Boo had hold of her, he was lucky she couldn't get a hold of him. It apparently started over a toy that Boo did not want to share with Muffin. All week long I have had the two of them loose with me while I was working on my computer. I had no trouble at all. Neither of them were hurt but now I am worried… Continue

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Happy Mothers Day !

Maybe the weather isn't what we like but Mother Earth knows what is best for her needs. I hope every mother has a safe and wonderful mothers day.

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As I look over the pictures in the gallery, it brings back all of my childhood memories of the animals I have known. There was my first dog Lucky, a neighbors dog Mr. Jones, there was Tippy across the alley and my best friends dog Candy. Oh so many, many more that I can see but can't quite remember the names of. Cookie, Ginger, Rusty, Bear, Roo, Buffy, Kizzy, Lady, Quicksilver, Larby, Kelly, Lady, Toby ... I could go on and on. Animals have always been a very big part of my life. I can't… Continue

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