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Ziva is Learning

It's only been a week, and Ziva already has the idea of toiletting outside. She doesn't want to. There are much more exciting things to do outside, like decimate my plants, lol. She does it though, because she's starting to realize that if she potties, she gets to play outside her crate.

Yep, she's a crate baby. Luckily I only have to have her in there a little bit. She is good enough about her going outside that I can let her out quite often. She's a friendly little thing and not… Continue

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This is the only picture I have of Ziva right now. She is much cuter than the picture shows. It will be some time before I get other pictures. I am quite broke. (http://tinydragon10.com) Between Donovan's surgery, and now the new puppy, who luckily I can make payments on. Most breeders don't do that, but she knows my circumstances and agreed. I am up at two am writing this. Ziva woke me at one am tearing up old envelopes. Amazing how much noise… Continue

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I have a puppy coming. She'll be here tomorrow afternoon. I am a little nervous about how Donovan will act. He should be neutral because it is a female puppy. I just don't know how he will be about sharing me. I am a little unprepared and nothing I can do about it. My wheel chair charger isn't working, and I can't charge up my wheel chair to get anywhere to get what I need. All it is, is a leash for the puppy. As it is Donovan and Ziva will have to share one leash until I can get to petsmart to… Continue

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No Chocolate (Lab) for Me

After a long day of waiting and changing plans. I got the word that Sullivan, the six-month-old chocolate lab puppy did not pass the service dog temperament test. He was too timid and had no prey drive.

What do I do now? I wait for the next batches of puppies to be bred and born. The labradoodle will be bred again in November. That means February will be puppy time. Just in time for me to start classes, again, in March.

Right now I am sort of disappointed and dispirited. I… Continue

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