D. Irene Ramirez's Blog – September 2009 Archive (4)

Coming Out the Other Side

I am back to no bank account after going through three banks. This time I overdrew my account massively, and could not cover my overdraft. I created the overdraft paying bills I could not afford to pay. Now all of them have to wait. Chase closed out my account and put it into collections. That's ok. I will pay off the account to the collection agency.

In October I will be paying the few bills I can with money orders. Money Tree will cash my checks. By the way, I owe them, too. I will… Continue

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Putting the Dogs First

I went to my doctor the other day. She gave me holy hell. I haven't been eating a lot, because I've been spending all my money on dog food. I lost six pounds in a month. My doctor says I'm setting myself up for an infection. Well, I hope not.

Ziva continues to be a wonder. She's worth her weight in gold. I need to start training her more. She's ready and I'm procrastinating.

Donovan is still the best dog I ever had. I yelled at him tonight, and had to apologize. He went… Continue

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Ziva - Field Trip

Ziva and I went on the September field trip with all the other dogs. I'd say the thing she learned most was to stick with me no matter what. She didn't do the "up" like the other dogs, but then she hasn't learned that command yet.

We went through Wal-Mart from front to back and side to side. Cyndy led we followed. Ziva didn't even try to sniff the dog food when we went through that aisle. I think Ziva's best thing was walking down to the Wal-Mart and back. We went through a lot of… Continue

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The Adventures of Ziva!

Ziva is a mighty fine dog. She lets me know when she has to go out. She toilets outside 95% of the time. When she doesn't it's usually my fault.

We went to Ziva's first service dog training class this past Saturday. It meant that Ziva had to ride buses, something she had never done. She rode like a pro. After the first couple of buses, where I had to go on first, she went on first like she's supposed to do. Altogether we rode eight buses for a total of five hours. By the time we went… Continue

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