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11/15/09 UPDATE!!! IT'S ABOUT TIME..........

Hi It's been along time since I have written anything, but I look at the site all the time, but just don't take the time to write..

Well a month or so ago, Bart (now 5), collasped at the cememtery where we go everyday for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, so it's not like he wasn't use to this kind of excerise and play. I first though heart attack and was ready to do CPR. then I thought maybe a stroke, He could not walk, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, eyes glazed over and… Continue

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It has been awhile since I blogged, again. It is rainy and THUNDERING right now and Bo is trying to sit on my lap. Yesterday was a great day. The boys had a good brushing, a bath and another good brushing. They are so BEAUTIFUL!! Their coats just shine. They also got their ears cleaned out and teeth brushed.

I am feeling really sad for James and the loss of Maui. I keep him in my thoughts and prayers, but thankful he had so many great years with Maui and what a great life Maui had!!!! If… Continue

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Well it's been awhile since I "blogged". You know all the floods we've had here in the midwest, well, my basement filled with about 8-10 inches of water. I found this after working all night, then stayed up all day trying to move furniture and everything from the basement to the upstairs or garage. WHAT A MESS!!!!! But the boys are good, we have been out running and playing. With all the rain and storms, Bo has been sleeping with me or in my bed when I'm at work. He is soooo afraid of the… Continue

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Not raining today and I feel better, so the boys got to go out for an hour run. They really enjoyed it. Met a few other dogs along the way that they played with and had a good time. Felt good for me to be out too. We're going to try this again tomorrow, it suppose to be warmer and maybe sunny?

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Oh Great, I have pneumonia and feel like POOP!! Poor Bo and Bart, they have to stay in with me and help me get better. Maybe tomorrow after 24 hours of antibiotics, we'll be out again!!!

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Well, with all the rain and me working 12 hour shifts the last few days, the boys and I have not really been out much. They are getting restless and so am I. Hopefully soon, we'll have a nice day and enjoy being out together for a few hours. Bo is very afraid of the thunder, he doesn't even want to go out for potty breaks. He is getting over his sore muscles from our bike ride the other day. (so am I!) Bart is... just Bart! In his own little world, as long as Bo isn't far away!

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I love this website!!!! I cannot imagine life without a pet or 4!!!!!! It rained and cold all day today so we've stayed in. Tomorrow we'll play and run. At least there wasn't any snow or thunder!!!!!

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My grandson, 2 of his friends Me and Bo went on a 8 mile bike ride. Bart had to stay home, as he doesn't listen very well and Bo will stay right next to me on the bike (without his leash). When we first took off, Bo was right there beside me, no matter how fast I was going. On the way back he would run ahead of me, lay down until I caught up, then run ahead again. Bo won't cross a street until I tell him to so he always waits at the corners. When we were about 3/4 of a mile from home, Bo was… Continue

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I take my boys out for a run everyday. I found an old cemetery that is all enclosed and very hilly, a lot of people go there to let their dogs run free.. So all 3 of us get to run for about 45 minutes to an hour. That's were we've been this morning, now it's time for a much needed bath! The boys always find something stinky to roll in. (WHY IS THAT?)

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