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GOD worked his message through my 3 goldens on the other side


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GOD brings it full circle for me.


A little while ago I left to go to the animal shelter to give bedding for the animals there. I drove out of our canyon and had my driver side window down about 1/2 way. Im driving down the road and a family of quails were ahead of me and  they took off as my truck was coming. Well one of the baby quails flew into my truck on the inside and I freaked out and I…


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Once upon a time......My Furbabies.

borderdogpaws-1.gif paws picture by Lovemy4goldens

My furbabies.

thglitterhjrta.gif picture by Lovemy4goldens thglitterhjrta.gif picture by Lovemy4goldens

It was just Brandi, Ally & Ginger in the beginning.




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My Ally girls lumps all over her






I groomed my oldest golden Ally who is 11 years old and still looks &  acts like a puppers instead of 11 years old, and as I shaved her coat off since its been so so hot here in California, I felt so many lumps on her back. I touch her all the time but her coat is so thick and she reminds me of a hairy polar bear. So when her coat  was only 1 1/2 thick, well her back felt like a bumpy road. She has one huge lump right dab in the middle of her…


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It's 4 years today without my Brandi

Today 6-12-10 is 4 years that my Beautiful golden retriever, my best friend and favorite out of my gang, passed away from Lymphoma cancer. She was 6 years old. I miss her so much and wish she was here. If you go to my page, I recently posted 2 videos of my 2 angels. Ine is Ginger who passed away June 18th 2008. she was 11 years old and then Brandi's. Please watch it and see how happy, loving and beautiful my Brandi was and I am so blessed to have had her with me 6…


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Hi I'm Mandi

My name is Mandi

and I have been a moody, *itchy golden for over a year now. Mommy is blaming herself but really it's the vet's fault. He should of known I had a bladder infection but he never caught it until a few weeks ago when mommy took all of us to the vet's for other reasons and mommy patted some of my urine on a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag for the vet to smell. He never did smell it, instead he took a urine sample and found out… Continue

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Happy Birthday Angel Brandi

To my sweet sweet girl Brandi You just don't know how much I miss you here with me. There is not one day since you left, I don't think of you or something silly you had done. So your nine years old now and I am sure you are having a great time up there in heaven with all the others that have gone to Rainbow bridge. Happy Birthday my sweet girl and forever in my… Continue

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Sorry I haven't been around much

PM Well it's like this. 1st thing is my grandkids. Yes I have 2 but I have never seen the 2nd one and he is over a year old. Isn't that lovely?. The real kicker is that they live 2 houses down from us, a house I found for them to rent and they drive by each and everyday and we can't see the kids in their car since their windows are so tinted. Last week I finally decided to call over there and asked Mindy (the mom) if I could drop off some clothes for… Continue

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My Ginger passed away

My beautiful 11 year old Golden named Ginger passed away on June 18th 2008. We found out on Monday June 16, that she had a disease called Mega-Esophagus and that usually puppies get it, not a 11 year old dog. As I opened my eyes this early Wednesday morning, it took me a few seconds to realize that I had fallen asleep sitting up on the kitchen floor resting my back against the kitchen cupboards. I looked down and then it all came back to me as to why I was waking up like this. Fast asleep was… Continue

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