The oldest dog in the world? And what she eats...

Bella, the oldest dog in the world with owners David Richardson and Daisy Cooper. Photo credit: The Daily Mail

Reports are coming from England that the oldest dog in the
world is Bella, a labrador, who was brought home more
than 26 years ago--when she was already 3 years old.

That would make her 29 years old-- or over 200 years old!

The Guiness Book of World's Records is investigating the claim.

What I find really interesting--and what the media is not
reporting--is that last week Bella's owner, David Richardson
who himself is 76, thought it was the end for his faithful

Bella became ill and was unable to walk.

Mr. Richardson made an appointment with the vet and
prepared a grave in the back yard. He had a sleepless
night and when he awoke he decided to cancel the appointment
with the vet. He couldn't go through with it.

As Richardson reports:

'I phoned to cancel the vet because I just thought it
would be better if Bella died in her sleep. She couldn't walk,
but when I went out and filled in the grave she appeared
behind me and was stood there watching."

Since then Bella has been fine and the vet says Bella's heart
is strong and she is very fit for her age, except for some
arthritis in her legs.

What Bella Eats

Bella has only 2 teeth left and this is what her diet consists of:

Boiled liver
Canned stewing steak
Canned mackerel and
canned sardines

And Bella's favorite treat: a hard toffee candy which she sucks on while lying in her basket.

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Comment by Nell Gates on May 28, 2008 at 1:28pm
To have Lisie with me for 29 years would be an incredible blessing......We're just gonna count on that!!! Bella does not look her age either!
Comment by debra on May 28, 2008 at 1:20pm
I could only be so lucky that my kids(dogs) would live that long, how wonderful.

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