2 Amazing True stories after Maui passed

It has been almost 2 weeks since Maui passed and I am just now getting back to my regular schedule.

I recorded a video to share a couple of amazing experiences that happened shortly after Maui passed.

Some of the stories I share in the video may seem a little woo-woo, but they are 100% true.

(Fair warning: I have grown a beard in the last few weeks--let me know what you think.)

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Comment by visitDaniel Hildoer on August 7, 2008 at 5:33am
My two dogs are my children. I love them so much. This is such a great way to Honor our pets(children)
Comment by Susan on August 7, 2008 at 5:11am
The kind of love that you and Maui share will never extinguish-it just changes forms. Be open to her spirit and she will continue to comfort you. I have heard astonishing stories of dogs passing and the ways in which they contact their humans. I was very skeptical until I was enduring the anguish of losing my little canine soul mate and she came to comfort me. It is an unusual story and I still can't quite wrap my logical, skeptical mind around it, but it is true nonetheless. Our precious dog loved children and everyone she ever met. She had always been an old soul and was amazing and healing and full of love and light and I adored her from the moment I laid eyes on her. We had a special game we always loved to play-the laundry game. She would follow me to the basement, bring me any stray socks after playing tag with them and then, when I removed the clean, hot laundry, I would place her in the laundry basket to snuggle in the warmth and take her in the basket back upstairs to fold the clothes when they cooled or she was warm enough and hopped out. One day, not long after her death, I was in the basement doing laundry and I saw her from the corner of my eye, she had a small pink sock in her mouth (I don't own any small pink socks and neither does anybody in my family). I am a huge skeptic and never believed in this sort of thing. I turned and looked at her full on and she stood there wagging her tail. I ran to hug her and she bolted upstairs. I followed, but she was gone. I was upset because I was sure I had lost my mind or was hallucinating or something. I had seen her but my mind could not comprehend it. How? Why? My husband and I had just found out we were pregnant with our first child after many years of hoping and a long and trying bout with invetro fertilization. I tried to rationalize it but could not, maybe it was all those pregnancy hormones. Maybe she was trying to tell us she was fine and was happy about the baby since she adored children-maybe a pink sock meant the baby was a girl? I was perplexed and afraid to admit it to anybody else but my husband for fear people would think I had lost my mind. Sadly, right after her visit, I had a miscarriage and had to go to the hospital for surgery and my husband was away near Afghanistan at the time and I could not reach him by phone to tell him. I was distraught and had to have surgery immediately. When I removed my jeans in the operating room dressing room to prepare for surgery, there was a small pink sock stuck just inside of the hem of my jeans. I was stunned since I don't own any such socks and it was just like the one I saw my beloved departed dog carrying in her mouth not even 48 hours earlier. I have no idea and can not explain it but when I picked up that sock, I had such a peaceful feeling that she was with me and was with our unborn child on her way to heaven. After some reflection, I believe that my dog came to get our baby and take her to heaven with her. She also came to comfort me when I was feeling so alone and tell me that she was fine and it was going to be alright and she now had the baby she always wanted and would take good care of her for us. We later found out the baby we lost was a little girl. I still have the lone pink sock and I keep it with my beloved dog's ashes in a special place. She knew I would doubt myself, be too skeptical and blow it off if she did not leave me something tangible. So, please open to Maui, she may come to comfort you in very unexpected ways or help you during a difficult time in your life. Try to tame your inner skeptic and let it happen, even if it does sound a little strange.
Comment by Sharon Serbin on August 7, 2008 at 4:28am
I would first like to tell you how very sorry I am to hear about Maui.

I lost my kitty Horatio at almost 19 years on Feb 05 of this year to kidney failure and his daughter Dark Storm on Feb 07 to cancer she was 14. Then Horatio's other daugher Catlyn on July 02 of this year she was 17- she has had colitis most of her life and losing Horatio and Storm just finished her. It has been a very bad year.

I miss them all, but Horatio was really mine and I was his. Siamese are very like dogs in their devotion. He picked me and I never had a minute that he wasn't somewhere close to me. He just simply loved me. I have been writing stories about him and am still continuing. I just feel that my heart is dead. My house just isn't home anymore without him.

Keep strong - when I got your e-mail this morning - I knew how you must feel. As long as they are in our thoughts - they will live on.
Comment by Kathi Cipriano on August 7, 2008 at 4:26am
What terrific stories! I do believe it was Maui helping to comfort you and "tell" you that she is okay. You and Molly continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

And the beard looks good!
Comment by Zena on August 7, 2008 at 4:25am
You will always see Maui in different objects & places. It is gratifying to note that you are coping with your extreme loss. Have faith that you will meet again. Hang in there. You look good in the beard - keep it.
Comment by Susan on August 7, 2008 at 4:14am
Your lookin' good w/ the beard James. Let me share a story with you when my first Sheltie who lived to 18 yrs passed on. We had to take him to the vet, he had had a stroke, my heart knew that this was the end of his wonderful life, although when we got in the car to go for a "car ride" he perked right up. Once at the vet with the news he would die through the night, my heart heavy with tears pouring down, I elected to end his suffering, the hardest decision to make, we came home with him and buried him under a oak tree in the front yard, that night I swear I heard him walking on the kitchen floor and the sound of him sleeping on his blanket that was next to my side of our bed. It gave me a warm sense of feeling that although he had passed away, he was still with me.
As the years have passed, he is never far from my heart and prayers. His stone reads " Buddy, 1979-December 4th, 1996, Always in my heart, never forgotten, and he never will be. He was a amazing creature, full of life, and gave me the honor to love and cherish him for ever. Some day I believe that we will all be together for the creatures God created for our comfort as well as theirs. We will meet again in "dog" heaven, with each of our beloved pets waiting for us. God Bless you James and Molly. Always in our thoughts to help you along the way.
And of course Maui too. Susan, Sammy & Twosoxs
Comment by Joyce Grimes on August 7, 2008 at 3:16am
One day I hope to learn how to get a picture on the site of my Lucy and Lucky, so that I can share them with you. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. It must have been so amazing and beautiful to see Maui in the clouds and what a great experience to be able to walk along the beach with Maui the turtle. I am sure that there will be other times when Maui's spirit appears. Her spirit will always be with you and that is how it should be. I look forward to further stories. They are an such an important part of my day. It is quite amazing how one can connect as I have. I always felt as Maui was part of our family. Every time I see her on my screen saver I tell Lucky and Lucy, "There's Maui."
God Bless you and Molly. Joyce Grimes
Comment by Karen on August 7, 2008 at 2:37am
James, I couldn't stop crying when Maui passed, not just for the grief I knew you were feeling, but also for the memories it brought back of my beloved Mr. Blue, my sweet 11 yr old black lab who crossed over the bridge in 2003. (bone cancer) I too have had unexplained things that made me know that he was and always will be, with me. Maui is more than in your heart, she is every where you go. The beard looks pretty good.
Comment by Donna on August 7, 2008 at 2:28am
As long as we remember a loved one, be it human or animal, they are still alive and with us in our memories and heart. Nothing can take that away. Take care and I like the beard too. You look very distinguished.
Comment by gail schyhol on August 7, 2008 at 1:41am
I love your site and cried with you over Maui's passing...all the dogs that I have ever loved are always with me as I know Maui will be with you..by the way the beard is great.

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