Well, I don't know how to start blogging about a silly dog that is the ANGEL of my life, but he's just a remarkable dog...

I can't say say I'm a remarkable dog owner but Harry has taught me important lessons in life.
He's the perfect dog...he loves you, he cuddles up with you, he gives u pup kisses when needed, he can be naughty and stubborn...I guess intelligent dogs are stubborn...they want to have their own way.

Harry is still a young dog, full of energy and what I find amazing about him, is his love for kids. He's a kid's dog.
All my nieces and nephews love him, the only problem is that he's big and heavy so sometimes he pushes them and then the fall down and cry..but they don't blame Harry. They blame themselves for not being strong enough...poor things!

Well, I don't know what else to say for now...just that having a dog like him has made my life different!

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Comment by Renegade on March 14, 2008 at 5:05am
Ah..Harry must've used his magic wand to cast a love spell on everyone that's why they all love him. Life for you probably wouldn't be the same without him. ^^ He sounds like a great dawg!

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