On Monday June 2nd I attended the Trilogy Home without Rusty. This was for the purpose of getting to know all about the home and their routine. I was happy to see many people who have been told about Rusty and are waiting for his first visit.

There are six floors in the home and there is one dog already there but they need another one, or even two. it is difficult to visit everyone and certainly not for any length of time. We will be doing two floors per visit. Since I have been planning our visits, it seems to me that one floor would be much better and give a much better visit. But anyway, that remains to be seen as yet.

I have a supervisor now myself and Rusty has completly passed and I have passed the reference checks, but I still need to pass the dog handler by my supervisor/evaluator.

Tomorrow, June 9th, Rusty and I are attending. We are prepared with little moist cloths to wipe the residents fingers after they have petted Rusty and a cute little blanket that I will put on their bedside as we go in, just for him to put his head on for his visit. Rusty is a very "hands on" guy. I was a bit surprised to learn that each resident that I visit must be recorded as I know for a fact that this is not done anywhere else that I know of. However, the recreation person will accompany me. I hope that doesn't make for awkward visits.

Anyway, tomorrow is the first day and I will be reporting back after our visit.

Rusty and Linda

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