Well, I am in my home office and can hear the snores of both Bella and Charlie..it is officially nap 4 of 6 today. I will be dog sitting Bella (twin sisters dog) until April 4th or so. I have had her here for almost a week and things have been going great. I think Bella digs being here and at the same time misses her mama. I will say that Bella definitely upstages my little puppy often..she is well-mannered, smart, funny and loving dog..Charlie is all those things minus the manners. Although, I have found that having a playmate for Mr. Charlie has helped with the naughty behaviors such as chewing on anything in everything in my house.

I love that I can write everything about my dog here without feeling like such a freak..but as a true dog lover will tell you..these are just as much our babies as our human kids!!

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Comment by Renegade on March 13, 2008 at 5:59pm
I love that I can write everything about my dog here without feeling like such a freak.

Ditto! I dislike talking about dogs and see my friends giving me that "look" that says I'm a dog freak. And yes, dogs are like babies (except, they are much easier to train)
Comment by Jane on March 12, 2008 at 3:50pm
I totally agree about them being our babies. It would hurt Zoe's feelings if someone told her she was a dog! lol

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