Well it's been awhile since I "blogged". You know all the floods we've had here in the midwest, well, my basement filled with about 8-10 inches of water. I found this after working all night, then stayed up all day trying to move furniture and everything from the basement to the upstairs or garage. WHAT A MESS!!!!! But the boys are good, we have been out running and playing. With all the rain and storms, Bo has been sleeping with me or in my bed when I'm at work. He is soooo afraid of the thunder, his whole body trembles. Poor guy, he doesn't like fireworks or firecrackers, either. Bart on the other hand could care less what it does outside as long as he's in and Bo is there with him. (never mind me).
We got a new kitty this week. I didn't intend to do that, but I took my niece to see the kitties at Petsmart, and there was the cutest, most lovable little guy, I had a hard time putting him back, and when I did, he kept putting his paw out of the cage and meowing. I could not get this cat out of my mind, so the next day I went back and got him.....his name is Max. My grandson named him. Max does not care for the dogs, I hope that changes becasue Bo wants to love him, Bart wants to play with him. The 2 other cats are very upset with another cat in thier house. Gee, I sure hope all this works out in the end!!

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Comment by Tonya on July 6, 2008 at 4:23pm
Oh boy, you sound so much like myself!!! 3 dogs and a cat, had a 2nd cat but in my case it didnt work out so well, so the new kitty (which I found as an abandoned/sick kitten) had to go to a new home. I hope it all has worked out okay for all of you. Your dogs are beautiful, take care.

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