My beautiful 11 year old Golden named Ginger passed away on June 18th 2008. We found out on Monday June 16, that she had a disease called Mega-Esophagus and that usually puppies get it, not a 11 year old dog. As I opened my eyes this early Wednesday morning, it took me a few seconds to realize that I had fallen asleep sitting up on the kitchen floor resting my back against the kitchen cupboards. I looked down and then it all came back to me as to why I was waking up like this. Fast asleep was my oldest golden Ginger, with her head on my lap and my arm around her. I was afraid I would wake her up but my legs were totally dead asleep and I had to move them but couldn't feel them at that moment. I needed to remove myself from the kitchen floor and stretch my legs and body out. Ginger could barely lift her head up, she was so weak. Ginger has been throwing up, drooling and losing so much weight in such a short time. Watching Ginger deteriorate from a once happy, energetic, funny, loving golden, to this morning, as a lifeless, drooling, can't eat a thing, sad and miserable golden. The Ginger before me on the floor is not our Ginger. This was my Ginger 6 days ago(below), running full throttle down a steep hill and not even out of breath when she got down to the bottom.

This was the Ginger this morning (below), weak, drooling, coughing, not eating or going to the bathroom,with a sad blank look in her eyes . She has not had anything in her stomach or kept down going on 3 days. I've tried rice, eggs, broth, and this morning, trying to feed her a popcycle.

She couldn't even lick it and what she did lick, it just ran out of her mouth and down to the kitchen floor. She would drink water and no sooner done, she was spitting it up. It was killing us to watch our once so vibrant golden suffer like this. her paws are dirty from her drooling constantly on herself. It just breaks our heart. This morning I tried to lift her off my legs and go outside to go potty and she wouldn't move. I called for her again and she couldn't stand up. I went over to help her and her whole body was shaking. She could barely walk to the back door and when I helped her out, she spit up again on the grass. Last night Ron & I talked about Ginger and cried our eyes out together because we don't want to lose her, yet we don't want to see her like this. This isn't the life Ginger would want to have. So we both agreed to see how she was during the night and this morning. I was with Ginger all night, loving her, talking to her and telling her how proud I am of her and thanking her for coming into my life. You could tell she was ready to go. She gave me the look. Ginger is exhausted and I am sure hungry and we can't do anything. I think Ron knew because he saw me in the kitchen with her this morning, my eyes all puffy from crying most of the night and one look at Ginger and you could tell she wasn't getting any better. So Ron left with Ginger about 8:00 a.m to have her put down. I couldn't go. I just couldn't bare it. So now I sit here with my 3 goldens waiting for Ron to call. I gave a whole bunch of messages to Ginger to give to Brandi when she see's her, and I know Brandi will be there at the bridge waiting for her to cross over to her. To tell my daughter hello and I love her, and to tell Goldie hello and Ron's mom that he loves and misses her. So to my Ginger,

Thank you my big girl, for giving us 11 wonderful, happy, loving years with you. Thank you for coming into our lives and making us a family. Thank you for raising Brandi and Ally and being the mom they didn't get to have. You were so wise, so gentle, so beautiful and my heart aches at this moment for you and for what we have just lost, YOU!!!!. I made a music video of Ginger about 6 months ago and thought maybe this would be a great time to show it to all. The song is by Barry White, "My everything", and it's about 3 minutes long.Please watch how happy my Ginger was for 11 years. For all who knew Ginger or knew of her, thank you for loving my girl and making her a part of your lives also. Run Ginger, Run.

You now can run free silly girl

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Comment by Maltese Mom on November 21, 2008 at 12:41pm
I wept when I read about your loss. I lost my Rio on June 28, 2008. Like you I was in the kitchen with Rio, comforters spread all over the floors so Rio would not hurt himself. Rio was 12 years old. He had doggie alzehmiers. He was fine that week and then its like the disease took a toll on his body and mind. I'm going to view the video you made. Remember all the good memories with Ginger as I have with Rio.
Comment by Mary Ann Donaghy on November 21, 2008 at 2:59am
Oh I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Ginger sounds like she was one of the best of the best! How sad to lose such a darling. But you did the right thing for her. You should be able to find some solace in that. God bless you & your husband.

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