My Yorkie, "Rudy" lives with two other small dogs and three large dogs. The small dogs are "inside" dogs. Rudy's inside friends are both Shih Tzus. Rudy is quite small. He weighs eight pounds. His inside friends are medium sized Shih Tzus and both of them (Brandi and Cody) weigh about 12 pounds. Cody, the male, is six years old. Cody is solidly built and strong. Rudy is not near as solid but he is also strong and very self-assured.

Both Rudy, who is now five years old, and his friend Cody (the other inside male) have always shown "alpha" tendencies all of their lives. There has never been a problem up until now. But, now I have a problem.

As a complete surprise the other night Rudy placed himself by my "TV tray", right by my feet, and growled at Cody. Rudy lowered his head and gave Cody a look that only could be interpreted as some kind of challenge. In less than two seconds there was a serious dog fight where both dogs received a minor wound.

There were five fights per day for a period of two days. The fights were so serious that I had much difficulity in seperating the dogs. Some times I could not seperate them at all. At the end of two days Cody had bites on both of his front legs and Rudy had a single bite on his lip. (Franlky, Rudy seems to have scored the most "points".)

Let me stress that these fights are very serious. Cody will get a hold on Rudy's head and shake like he is killing a mole or something. That is very frighting since I am concerned that Cody could tear Rudy's ear of even worst. I think the only thing that saves Rudy is that he has a tremendous about of hair. Cody mostly gets a mouthful of hair but Cody is certainly trying to cause damage to Rudy. Cody just has not gotten past a mouthful of hair so far.

I managed to watch them carefully for the next week and seperated them before the fight began. Then again last night there was another fight. To the best of my knowledge Rudy, my very loving Yorkie, was the culprit in the matter since he assumed a "look" and posture that seems to be the initiating action. Rudy was always very near me when he assumed the position and stared at Cody.

After the fight I have to keep them seperated for at least 30 minutes while they calm down. Then, I let them back together but watch them carefully.

At night all three of the dogs sleep together. Even during this two week period of dog fights all three dogs continue to sleep together and routinely act as they always have. Even when they are outside in the yard everything appears normal and they "get along" like they have for five years. The problem occurs only when Rudy assumes a position next to me and then he assumes a body language and a low growl while looking at Cody. About 20 seconds of this will result in a dog fight which anyone would assume is a fight to the death.

If I had to guess the nature of the problem I would say that Rudy is jealous of my attention and he does not want Cody to approach me. Cody is not generally approaching me but if about six to ten feet away minding his own business.

Now, I am not new to raising dogs and and I have always had very well mannered dogs--all of them! I never show one dog more attention than the other. I have trained dogs for years and recognize their actions and body language.

My question is that have any of the other persons on this site had such a problem as I have described? If so what did you do to resolve the situation so that my puppies will not harm each other?

Obviously, my concern is that sooner or later one (or both) of the dogs will have some kind of injury that will require a trip to the vet. Certainly I do not want to have one of them hurt and want to do anything that will solve the situation.

If anyone has any suggestions I would like to hear from you.

Carlton Laing, Tallahassee, Florida

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