Sorry I haven't been around much

PM Well it's like this. 1st thing is my grandkids. Yes I have 2 but I have never seen the 2nd one and he is over a year old. Isn't that lovely?. The real kicker is that they live 2 houses down from us, a house I found for them to rent and they drive by each and everyday and we can't see the kids in their car since their windows are so tinted. Last week I finally decided to call over there and asked Mindy (the mom) if I could drop off some clothes for the boys and maybe see them for a few minutes to take some pictures. She said sure. I couldn't believe it. I told her I would call her after my shower and when I was ready. I was singing in the shower, dancing with joy that after 2 and 1/2 years, I would finally beable to see them. After I was done and ready to go over there, I called to let her know and guess what? the phone was busy!!. I knew right then and there it would be busy for the rest of the night. Her rude way of saying "stay away, even though I said you can come over". I was crushed beyond words. I dialed that number til midnight and busy busy busy. No phone call from her at all. I could of went over there unannounced but why let her think she has the best of my heart, so I didn't. So I went to my bed for 3 days and just slept off the depressed state I was in. I am done with her game playing, her lying, her old ways.Some people just can't change drugs or no drugs who knows. I guess I wasn't meant to be a grammie. They don't know what their missing by not having them in our lives, having all our love for them that is in our hearts,but their loss. Now today, it has been 3 days since I quit the pepsi habit. a 12 pack a day of those babies, can you believe it??. So I am having caffeine withdrawls big time and a headache that feels like my head is about to explode. On a website it says that 280 milligrams is what a coffee or 2-5 sodas a day person consumes daily. I was double that if I drank 12 sodas a day. It's good cause I am very pissy right now, the furkids I guess can feel my bad vibes and are staying free and clear of my pathway and have been very well behaved today. I wonder why? LOL. So really, with all that has been going on, you wouldn't of wanted me here anyways. And ohhhh, this hot muggy triple digit weather we are having and have had for a couple of weeks is really getting to me big time. Donna, I don't know how you can live in this kind of weather. Let's see, is there anything else I can dump on you? lol Good thing is, Ron is smart and went deepsea fishing for 3 days. What a perfect time. I guess he still wanted his head attached to his hunky body. Well, off to go take a cool shower and have dinner and hopefully get rid of this headache. I've had it for 3 miserable days. Thanks for letting me unload right now. Life is good, cheers!!! lol

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