Hi I am a huge dog lover! they are the best...I care for all creatures but dogs really do rule. We adopted Rusty 13 yeras ago when he was 2. he was abused, and scared. He did no know how to play with toys. We gave him tons of love and care. And eventually he came around. He loves his toys he has a huge basket full and knows each and ever one.

Rusty had eye cancer 5 years ago and lost his left eye..Oddly enough I lost my left leg at the same time.He dose well. He bumps into things once in a while. But he dose well. He is slowing down and is now deaf. He knows hand commands and is doing well.He still followes me around and keeps up with me. His favorite thing is a cold pop cycle on a hot day on the porch!

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Comment by Karin on July 21, 2008 at 1:57pm
Rusty is slowing down a bit..some days he acts like hes 200 other days he acts like hes 2..I hope to have him for a long time..I can not imangine life without my littl boy.

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