Ten years ago I had a cocker spaniel named Sandy..He was the love of my life. I lost him to cancer. I can't begin to say how I felt, any one who has lost their best friend knows the feeling. This is where the angels come into the picture
I was feeling so lost that evening after my friend passed I was just sitting by my front door and thinking of Sandy,when I heard a noise at my door..I opened the door and turned on the light and couldn't believe what I saw ??
There was "Sandy"??? Same color same brown eyes and size.
What the heck is going on I said to myself..When I opened the screen this dog came in my house like he lived there He grab Sandys chew toy like it was his !! I grab this dog by the collar (same color as sandys) to see if there was a tag..No tag NOW WHAT ?? I walked my neighbor hood at 1:00am in the morning with this dog looking to see if maybe some one was out looking for him ..Great..no one. I went back home with "this dog in tow" went in the house my hubby came to see what I was doing and when he saw this "visitor" I thought he was going to faint !! HAHA it is funny now BUT not then.We were both dumb founded..Where did this duplicate of Sandy come from ??We have no idea. I posted FOUND DOG in every vet office, news papers. every sign post and nothing. I had my vet take a look at this dog and even he was amazed because he took care of sandy from the time he was a puppy until he passed away. He said I should keep the dog because the angels work that way and I shouldn't offend them by not keeping this gift from them. Well I did keep Buddy he is ten years old (the vet said he was about four months old when he came to us) and I can say he is a pain in the neck BUT he loves me and we love him and he helped me get through a very tough time in my life. I swear this is a true story that even I still can't believe myself.

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