I just want to thank all of you and your prayers for my service dog Rusty. The vets said he had less than 60 days to live. He has gone over three months now. He is weak, but still wagging the tail showing no signs of pain, and not ready to go yet. So far I have had an extra month with him. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and prayers.

It is the best gift ever.


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Comment by susan giovinazzo on October 12, 2008 at 7:04pm

I just put down my Maxie boy...my handsome as I called him...yesterday. My heart is broken. max had lymphoma and we had 10 great months after detection. We even planned our family vacation around him and took him with us to the beach for a week.

It's amazing to me that we had such similarities. I also sang "You are my sunshine" to him on a regular basis and as he was put down. I made darned sure he went while he was still wagging his tail and not in pain. I did notice him distancing himself from me the last few days. He wanted to be next to me, but not have me touching him like I usually did.

I'm sitting here bawling my head off. Everyone in my family hates coming home to an empty house. max would run out into the garage to greet us whenever we pulled in. He followed me from room to room as I did all of my daily chores. He was a constant companion to my 17 year old son while he ate lunch at home or was doing his homework.

Our lives with have just a little less "color" in it while we grieve. I will miss him terribly.
Comment by Lauren Kalb Gropp on October 12, 2008 at 3:13am
Dear Kara,
Although I haven't read any of your previous posts, I can empathize with you, as I've just lost one of my baby gals(Maxie-border Collie/Chow) and another (Poochie-schipperke/spitz)was recently(Sept 1) diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer, with a 1 - 2 month life expectancy. It's a difficult time, but the decission of when to help end the suffering of our babies isn't, as they let you know. You just have to be willing to listen. I am and I was, which made my final act of love & compassion for Maxie so special. I am truely grateful for the experience. I held her in my arms, talking softly,singing 'You Are My Sunshine"(a song I sang before bedtime), petting, kissing and hugging her until her last breath was taken. She went peacefully.

I hope you have more precious, joyful, loving days with Rusty and when the day comes for you to say good night for the last time, may you find strength in all you have experienced together.

My best wishes to you and your family,


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