My dog Karma is my life. She is a 6 pound, Maltese Shitzu mix and she is completely my world. Karma has recently been feeling badly like she doesnt want to eat or play and when we took her to the vet they gave her antibiotic and said she would be fine. While we were there they took blood to test to make sure everything was ok.

The Vet called me today and has informed me that Karma has something called a shunt which means her blood isnt cleaning her liver, which is slowly killing her. They also said it may and may not be surgacally correctable. Karma as i have said is my world and if something happens to her, im not sure how i will be able to deal with, so please pray for my little dog.

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Comment by Kathie on March 29, 2008 at 2:36pm
Maybe you can do some more reasearch on this. There are cureable kinds. I will pray for Karma. It cant hurt.

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