So Maui recently decided that she does NOT like her medications wrapped in cheese ... so I switched to peanut butter.

Every morning I get out the spoon, scoop up some peanut butter, and carefully wrap the bits of pills (she's so tiny everything is quartered) in the goopy brown stuff.

She loves it!!! But it gets all over my fingers. By the time I'm finished, I feel like a five year old with fingerpaint on her hands - I have to carefully run over to the sink, turn on the faucet without getting peanut butter on, and then wash my hands twice to get the smell off (I don't really like the smell).

But then this morning she started turning away from even the peanut butter! No matter how often I offered it, she would walk away. This happened about seven times.

I had to do some major Cesar Milan leadership to make things work. I stood up, went into the living room (hands still covered in peanut butter) and stood in the middle of the room cradling a clump of peanut butter on my finger, and feeling "assertive." I also visualized Maui eating the peanut butter and swallowing the whole thing down with no fuss.

When I went back in Maui was looking up at me like "yeah? Whatcha got?"

I said "Maui, it's time to have some peanut butter. Enjoy it."

Then I leaned over and put the peanut butter under her nose.

She lunged for it and gobbled it down. Meanwhile I stood there and forgot to wash my hands, I was so amazed. I put her bowl down and got peanut butter prints on it ... but she licked those off after she finished her chicken, rice, and veggie meal.

So my goal now is to visualize her gobbling the peanut butter every morning while I prepare it. No more Mommy-I-don't-want-it stuff.


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Comment by Kasi on November 19, 2008 at 11:34am
Ha! My dogs LOVE peanut butter!!!
Comment by Carlton Laing on April 16, 2008 at 5:44am

I had not heard of anyone (else) feeding peanut butter to a dog. The plan for getting a dog to take her medicine with peanut butter is a good idea.

Your story about Maui, the medicine and the peanut butter encouraged me to tell you about a "game" I invented for my three little dogs--two Shih Tzus and a Yorkie.

I believe my dogs would eat just about anything. Since they live together in the house as a set of three little pups and, when out side, share the yard with three German Shepherds they have learned that they better eat all of their food quickly or some other dog will make "fast work" of their meal. (All six dogs eat together within eight feet of each other every night. There has to be some order in the feeding time to keep peace.)

Anyway, I am getting off the subject. It is fun for the dogs, and me, to give the dogs some special "fun game" as often as reasonable. I make up various games for the dogs. Here is the "peanut butter" example: One night I was thinking about a new game for the little house dogs. I have a number of small plastic yogurt cups, eight ounce size. I also had just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for myself. Then, the light bulb came on for me. I took a dinner knife and spread peanut butter (smooth) on the inside of the small yogurt cup. The dogs were, as always, carefully watching me since I was involved with food--their passion. Then, I placed three of the small yogurt cups on the floor with about one tea spoon of peanut butter carefully spread therein. Each dog grabbed a cup and ran to his/her "place".

The event was a good laugh as the dogs were happily busy for about twenty mintues seeing how long their tongues could be as they tried to reach every morcel of the peanut treat. Plus, it was quite funny to see the dogs with peanut butter on their tongues. Their tongues went in and out of their mouths over and over as they tried to clear the peanut butter away.

I know this is a silly little "doggie game" but, to the little guys, it was quite a treat. It was fun for me to watch and especially a fun little game for them!

Carlton Laing

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