I'm not sure whether or not this is bad news. =\

Yesterday, my mom told me some news about Favour. For some time, after Favour was adopted out, she would occasionally drop by the adopter's house to check on him. She never saw him, not even once, after the adoption took place. Her 17 year old student said that Favour loved to be in the backyard, so he's never in front. But we were still suspicious. So just the other day, she went back to investigate. She got in through the back gate and o.o there was no dog there.

When my mom asked her student again, this time, Gradys said that her father had taken Favour to another house. Probably because it wasn't convenient for him to be in their house. And I don't know if they had lied all along to us by saying he was in the backyard. On Monday, my mother is gonna ask her the address of her uncle's house (most lightly Favour will be there).

We had clearly told her that if they couldn't/didn't want the dog anymore, contact us to SEND HIM BACK. She's forever blacklisted in my head. And at their house, the cocker spaniel (that is chained 24/7 I think, because there is faeces all around) had really messed up fur. As for the pekinese, I don't know bout him, but I doubt it's good.

Problem is, I hope we can take Favour away if the person isn't caring after him well. We do not have the "you have to give him back if you don't care for him well" paper. So it's not in black and white. I'd hate to see Favour chained up like that poor cocker spaniel. =[

Anywya, we'll see what happens next. Will keep you guys updated.

P/S Lara's birthday is celebrated this whole month of April. Why? Because she was bought from the market, and all we know is that she was born in April. =D

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