I work saving and rescuing animals well I guess there both the same. My services are free of course. Our dear animals DON'T HAVE CHECKING ACCOUNTS...it is so rewarding for me when an animal was healed and ready to be released. I would get birds, racooons, etc wildlife that were hurt the head vet Mary Jane Stretch who started the foundation would repair the injuries with my help or a student ... we would keep them in a cage only if they had to be quiet until they healed. Others that came in because of loosing their mom's or got lost were left free to roam and would come back for feedings. The deer would come right to the door when it was time to be feed. I had a neighbors pony Micky who loved to visit me he would come to the door to see me everyday. The best part of the job is when they are hacked out ..which means the injured animals now are able to go out of their cages and stay on the grounds until they are strong to fly away or just go away back into the woods. I had two crows....who loved to steal from the neighbors they had a box called their treasure chest filled with stuff they collected. Everyday they would fly to my bedroom window I would let them in and they would go through there belongings...some things I did return to my neighbors. Then they started breaking balloons that some neighbors would put our for birthday parties really not neighbors they lived a few miles away. I would see my crows on my patio with the balloons and know they got them from a party. The funny thing about it at least I thought was Christmas for miles and miles around I started getting things off of house decorations. They were having so much fun. Until they took all my Christmas lights off..then I had to
seriously watch them I distracted them with a large wreath with fake toys on it they soon forgot about the lights.
Finally they were really stealing my neighbor was fixing something and they took his screw driver. They were getting into to much trouble. In the mornings they would sit with me and then fly away for there day. I also had a blue jay that did the same thing. I had 4 dogs 9 barn cats 2 horses and my one house cat. I loved them all. I finally had to put them in cages and take them up north away from people I left the cage door open and ran got to my car and they were sitting on it waiting for me. lol...I finally distracted them and ran and drove away...I looked up in the sky and saw they flying free and the tears feel but I knew it was best.

Animals belong free like us. Free to live a great happy life. When I use to release an injured hawk back in the wild watching him fly high in the sky is something I can't discribe it is amazing. Animals are love and I remember that love.

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