Onions, garlic, grapes & chocolate are bad for dogs; especially chocolate which poison becomes in their system. They are not able to absorb it. Beware of chicken bones. Salty, sweet (high in sugar content), or fatty should be avoided as well. Some dogs are allergic to some particular foods. If you see your dog vomiting or having diarrhea chances are that he is either allergic or has a stomach virus. Yes, dogs can catch a flue & pass the stomach flu. Just like humans, they pass worm, bacteria, and viruses. There are some new foods out there that can kill your dog such as avocados, beer, nuts, candy & caffeine. Try feeding your god with lean meat, vegetables, fruits, baked potatoes, bread (with no raisins or nuts), rice, & pasta. Feeding table scraps may cause diarrhea. If your dogs’ temperature is not between 100 & 103 chances are that your dog has a virus or an infection. Contact your Veterinarian immediately if these or others symptoms occur.

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