Maltese are prone to that red stain developing under their eyes, and I know several other breeds are, too. So many people told me to start using Angel Eyes for Kanga before she "got them," that I almost spent the money on the (kinda expensive) bottles. But something stopped me. I'm a massage therapist and I like to know what's in the stuff I use, so I looked at the label. It's liver from beef, liver from chicken, and sweet potatoes. Hmmm ... I think I can add those to her diet and maybe get the same results?? We've had Kanga for eight months, and she's ten months old now. I haven't once seen red stains, although I do see sand coming out of her eyes from her morning beach walks ;-)

I feed her mostly "people food" with a little Solid Gold kibble thrown in, including chicken, beef, and lots of greens and fruits. She eats very, very well. Meanwhile, every week I cook a little beef or chicken liver and put that in her bowl, and she LOVES IT. If she ever develops a big problem I'll reconsider my strategy ... but for now I'm going to save money and feed her liver (so cheap!) instead of buying a bottle of the powdered stuff. Well, wait a minute. I spend more on her food now than I would if we just fed her commercial food ... but we don't have to buy angel eyes ... I think it works out about even. Oh, sometimes I use the Pro Treats that come freeze dried in tubs - they crumble up easily. Also, there is always a lot of powder at the bottom of the can - I always put that in her food.

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