Four rather expensive bed pillows, and part of my thousand dollar mattress later, the puppy seems to be calming down.

He destroyed so much that I can't even remember it all. The mattress was the last straw. If getting rid of him were an option, he would have gone the day I came home to find a hole in my mattress. For those of you who do not know, I live in constant pain. On my old mattress I couldn't sleep the night through. The one thing I got myself was that new mattress. It was part memory foam, and I could almost sleep the night through. I only sort of came to in order to shift position, instead of getting up and then trying to find a position that didn't hurt.

Luckily, the hole the puppy, Dazzler, ate in the mattress was under my pillow. So I stuffed everything back into the hole, and covered it with the pillow. It's far from perfect, and I will get another new mattress if I get the chance. It's highly unlikely I will get another mattress, though.

Dazzler has calmed down a lot since then. He no longer aerially assaults me. He only chews on me once in a while. He is starting to learn commands. About which I have some confusion... We were told as a class not to teach commands yet. Then we had a class where we were expected to command our dogs to sit, stand, and down; and they were supposed to do it! So which is it? Teach commands, or don't?

I am skipping class this Saturday. I don't want to. My dog sitter can't watch Donovan because it's her birthday. I wouldn't work on my birthday either, so I don't blame her.

It will give me another week to work on commands with Dazzler.

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