A little while ago I left to go to the animal shelter to give bedding for the animals there. I drove out of our canyon and had my driver side window down about 1/2 way. Im driving down the road and a family of quails were ahead of me and  they took off as my truck was coming. Well one of the baby quails flew into my truck on the inside and I freaked out and I turned my wheel to far to the right and went off the road and down this little embankment.

 I jumped out of the truck and the quail flew out of my truck and as I started to get back in my truck I saw something move out of the corner of my right eye. I walked over towards the movement and low and behold was this medium size lab with a rope around its neck and the other end of the rope was under a big rock. He was stuck there. I don't know how long he had been there but he didn't look to good and thank God I carry doggie treats in my truck and always have a bottle of water with me.

I started towards him and was talking to him and he was so happy to see someone there that he was whining and crying. I went to him and he had a collar on him with a tag and a number on it. I ran back up to my truck and called the number and the people who owned him have been worry sick about him because the electric company didn't shut their gate all the way and the dog got out almost a week ago. I told them where I was at and they lived not to far from where I was at and came & got him. They don't know how the rope got around him and we only came to the conclusion that maybe someone tied him up somewhere else and he got loose and was running though the river bed and the end of the rope got caught. They wanted to give me money but I told them how I found him by accident because of the bird flying in my truck on my way to the animal shelter. I do believe that if that bird did not fly in my truck, that dog would still be there. I was so happy it all worked out and he is back home. His name was scooby. Cool huh?

Now what I'm about to write happened the next day:

 this is so weird!!!!! This morning I have a message on my cell from the lady who had the lab I found and I called her back and she asked me if about 13 years ago did I live on their side of the freeway and had a couple goldens that had ran away for a short time?. I told yes it was my two goldens Brandi & Ginger who are no longer here on earth. Her husband was the one who found them that day and called us to let us know he had them from the furkids tags. OMG!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I find this totally weird. chain of reactions comes full circle, is that correct?

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