The key is to expose your pet to other pets different shapes, sizes, and colors, earlier on his/her puppy years. He will eventually get accustomed to it and chances are when he grows up he won’t be as scared or alarmed when he sees a strange creature in his surroundings. Think about it, if you, out of a sudden, see people walking around your house that don’t quite look as humans but perhaps some type of sick alien. What would you do? You won’t bark (I hope) but I’m sure you’ll either scream, cover your mouth, or at least faint. I think dogs are super heroes because they bark at everything they see. I’m pretty sure my dog has scared off death a couple of times with his annoying barks. We must remember about our dogs’ ancestors: the wolves, fierce predators looking for a prey. Once in a while, the beastly instincts will rise to the surface…Dogs must be trained in order for them to have a stable social life. Who didn’t struggle in their first date? Didn’t know what to say when asked: Would you marry me? or didn’t know how to behave when visiting in-laws. Not sure why we expect dogs to behave perfectly when honestly, we never do. Exercise some patience with your dog and allow him/her to get involved with other animals prior to 12 weeks of age. Your dog won’t be afraid of other pets and will act more amiable. They will at least learn how to tolerate each other when friendship is not a viable option.  

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Comment by Angelica on August 22, 2011 at 6:21am

 I had a dog who acted like that. Each time he saw the newspaper he'll freak out. I think they used to beat him up with it. Poor thing....:-( He got used to the nice enviroment and became like one of our family members. He died years ago but I always remember him every time someone shares a story similar to yours. Thanks for sharing!

Guote: "it is difficult to comprehend how they cope and offer us so much love and trust."

I think the reason why it's easier for them is because they don't have the memory we have. They do remember things to some extend but they learn to adapt to new enviroments and be nice and gentle to their new family. We remember every little detail about someone being rude to us even if it was because they had a bad day. We remember and live on the past. Dogs live on the present and that's the way we should also live. They have traumas just like us but they cope better. We humans are capable of enjoying things like nobody else yet we are also capable of suffering like nobody else. Evrything about us is intense :-) Dogs do feel but they just chill out and sniff everything around them...


Comment by Coralie Nellhard on August 18, 2011 at 10:49am
Astro, our rescue dog has lived with us for almost 6 months. Although he had lived in a shelter for quite a while, he did not have a lot of social skills. He was positive to other dogs when he came but at the same time shy and if they approached him, he would bark loudly and give the impression to people,(dogs understand doggy signs much better! ) that he was angry. Actually he was scared! He now ignores other dogs he meets on the leash, but likes to play if they can meet "free". He lived a while with a family (until they threw him out on the street when he lost part of his eyesight and could no longer be a useful guard dog to the livestock and house) he likes people and shows a very social attitude, which is surprising, when you think of the long time he spent roaming the streets. He loves it when people stop to pet him and he is very gentle with children.It is amazing how quickly he has adopted to his new environment  and has learnt new social skills.In my opinion he is amazing, (just as all animals are) remembering what they often have to endure and understand it is difficult to comprehend how they cope and offer us so much love and trust. What amazing sentient beings! 

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