I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling the impact from the economy. I'm probably not the only dog lover who finds consolation in the love of my dog right now. But I just got business inspiration from Kanga, too. If you own your own business, like I do, you know how frustrating it can be when things just seem to stick in place. (Even if you don't own your own business, you probably know how frustrating it can be.) I am a partner in a business that has developed a powerful all natural nutraceutical pill designed to help dogs who are battling cancer. (Did you know that cancer is the #1 killer of all dogs?) The pills, which are called Apocaps, were invented by my veterinarian (and friend) Dr. Demian Dressler who is known internationally as "the dog cancer vet." Apocaps went thru clinical studies for safety and efficacy...and the results are amazing. This is a fantastic pill that will help hundreds of thousands of dogs. But I am not trying to sell you on Apocaps...in fact, even if you knew a dog with cancer and were interested in purchasing a bottle today...you couldn't. And that's the problem! You see, Functional Nutriments has used all the early investment it raised and put it into research & development. We have a pill that works, but now the company doesn't have the cash to manufacture and bring Apocaps to market. That is why I am out there raising money. (I have already invested a lot of my own because in all my years as an entrepreneur, I have never been more excited about a business.) The problem is, this is the worst time to raise capital since the Great Depression. It's incredibly sobering to hear person after person say "I've got the money, I love your business, I love you guys ... I just don't want to invest until I see how things go in the market." It's hard to hear no over and over. But I know from experience that the more people I ask, the more "No"'s I will hear ... and the more likely I will be to hear "YES!" It's not always easy for me to keep a positive attitude with rejection after rejection coming in. Earlier this week, I was very discouraged and took Kanga for a walk to get my mind straight. We went to the beach, and she galloped along, grinning back at me like she was living the best life possible. On the beach, Kanga goes up to everyone, stops a little ways away and looks at them expectantly. If I could read her mind, I think she asks "Will you love me a little? I want to share my Beach Joy with You!" The vast majority of people glance down and give her a half smile, but don't stop. (Can you imagine not stopping to pet a little white dog?) When that happens, Kanga just gives a little skip and looks for the next person to love. The (smart) people stop and say "Hi, puppy!" They are rewarded with a wiggling body, wagging tail, and maybe even a little kiss on the fingers. Kanga offers her love to everyone. And she doesn't feel bad when someone says "no." She knows that someone soon will say "Yes!" So, I am taking heart from her. Every time I write an email, or pick up the phone, or go to a meeting, I'm thinking of Kanga. My company, Functional Nutriments, was formed specifically to help dogs who are suffering a painful, disgusting disease, cancer. Is there anything more loving for me to do? Maybe I'll just have to be more like my dog in order to keep my chin up through this economy. I am still haggling with my distributor about getting my books out of their warehouse and into the hands of dog lovers. I am still asking people who have the means to invest in my new company. And I will keep doing it until I get a YES. Because that is what Kanga would do if she were me. Thanks for reading. Now I am interested in hearing from you, if you will share: In what area of your life are you hearing "No" ... and know you will eventually hear "Yes", and how does your dog inspire you to keep going?

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Comment by Mary Kay on October 17, 2009 at 7:31am
Good Luck James...... don't give up!! You are such a resourceful person and God has you in his corner!! His will not ours!! He will pull you thru and something will be revealed!! ................. MK
Comment by Rebecca Wacker on September 6, 2009 at 1:10pm
I Lost 2 of my most beloved companions To cancer. My precious Floosey (yes that was her name) died from Lymphoma. Mac died almost 2 years to the day later. I'm on disability, but I will also donate what I can to this. I would have given much to not have to hold both of them while they died, but I would not leave them alone at he end. I loved them very much. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out and do what I can. I am told that mixing your own food and feeding that is much healthier. Can anyone comment on this?
Comment by Vyolet on September 6, 2009 at 8:28am
Don't give up hope. My own business came to a standstill several months ago. I do believe that it is all in Divine timing. When the time is right everything will flow and there will be no stopping it. This is a great thing you are doing- the Universe will not say no. Keep the faith! Vyolet
Comment by Sr. Mary Blaise on September 6, 2009 at 4:07am
Don't give up! Keep hoping that trying to market your medication will be successful! M. Blaise
Comment by James Jacobson on September 5, 2009 at 3:52pm

We are looking at all the options. Thank you for your suggestions.


Comment by James Jacobson on September 5, 2009 at 3:51pm
Hi Vickey & Crystal,

Since you asked, we do have a place where concerned dog lovers can make donations.

This helps fund our program where we give bottles of Apocaps to people who can not afford them.
Unfortunately, that program ran out of funds, so we have started taking donations to get it back up
and running.

You can read about it at http://functionalnutriments.com/donate

Thanks for your kind words.

Comment by Crystal Behl on September 5, 2009 at 2:47pm
Hi James,
I too would like to help.I run a small rescue home for unwanted dogs and cats outta my home and although I cant give alot,(It cost quite a bit to run my place here,Its called ''Crystal's Critters''a non-profit organization)I would like to give what I can and if we all give even just a little,it can add to alot.I agree with Vicki Pekurney,I too would like to help.Maybe you could post the addy and to whom we make the check payable(so everyone does not have to keep asking and you don't have to keep responding)on this site for those of us who can donate.We understand your not asking for donations,but I know Vicki and I are just two of the many people who would like to help.Also My Mollie past away not too long ago and she was on the following meds:

They are:::Enacard 5mg
Vetmedin 1.25mg
Tussigon 5mg.(for coughing-has codene in it)(have this in liquid form also-known as Digoxin)
Furosemide 12.5mg

I have over $200.00 in these meds(about 1 1/2 months worth).If you can use them,please let me know.They are no charge,they are a gift from Mollie.Shipping is my treat,I just want them to be put to good use.
Don't forget James.PLEASE POST THE ADDYThanks,Crystal Behl
Comment by Andy Whiteman on September 5, 2009 at 2:20pm
2 suggestions:
1) Sell the TM to a pharmasuidical company that makes pet meds (like Novartis). Or allow them to use the TM for a royalty.
2) Sell stock through an IPO (initial public offering).
If you can prove this works, there will be a demand. I lost 2 dogs (Butch and Hank) to cancer.

Is this effective on humans? I have a friend with maybe 18 months left.
Comment by Vicki Pekurney on September 5, 2009 at 1:37pm
Hi James,
I just lost my little Sadie (a Westie) to cancer. I would LOVE to donate in her honor to help your business. I would have done anything I could have, to have helped my little precious dog. Let those of us who can, donate whatever we can, to help bring this pill to the market. Maybe you could let us dog lovers "buy into" your company! And in return, we could have our wall of honor to those who have gone ahead. Let me know where and how and to whom to make the check/paypal donation to.

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