Learning the truth behind the lies - Death Row Dog Rescue uncovered ...

   Here is their facebook page I just found it Death Row Dog Rescue is a Scam and that is the same woman Darcy comments about, Diana Peters. 
I have been following this issue with this Diana woman for quite a while and I was shocked to see the lengths she went to when she scammed people.

   The lies, OMG,  read the facebook page and the blog, I can't believe this woman is not in jail.  She claimed to be a 501c3  - when she wasn't.  She doesn't have her ficticious names registered,  until a few months ago she was not registered with the dept of agriculture,  the IRS has not heard of her non profit,  she is running a business out of her rental residence without the proper tax certificates, code compliance , etc.  I think it was 3 dogs I read she can have in her home.  She used shelter dogs in need  that others were trying to help, and she used their stories to get donations for HERSELF.  she takes donations and pays HER bills, while dogs go unvetted, get sick and have died.  she admitted to sedating dogs on a radio show,  ex volunteers have shared horror stories, and I even saw her bullying people on facebook, and putting personal information and pictures on there, trying to BULLY those who had the guts to speak up about her SCAMS.   She can't pull from any local pounds, people have posted she is banned, she says no she isn't .  I believe those that post she can't as they provided emails from her local pounds that said she can not pull a dog from the death row lines from them, nor can anyone on behalf of her rescue.

    WHO  LIES about these things?  who pretends to save dogs moments from death, when they can't ?  Diana Peters does,  she is a bs artist for sure.  I contacted some of her fellow local rescuers and she seems to be the bottom of the barrel, dirty little secret they don't want others to see, in fear their donations will go down when people realize that SCUM exist in their rescue community.

 I commend the group that are speaking up about her, and no longer guarding the skeletons of the rescue world.  

I say EXPOSE them all, each and every one of the selfish cruel individuals that use dogs in need for their personal gain.     

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