Around one year ago, a woman in my neighborhood lost her small Italian Greyhound. She was new to Buffalo then. I have never seen such dedication and perseverance in trying to find a lost pet. She placed ads, posters, online posts, classified ads, bulletin boards, etc. everywhere looking for him. At one point I emailed her to say I would be on the lookout. I always have a spare leash and doggy treats in my car, and also on walks.
A year has passed. She has begun her search once more. This makes perfect sense to me. I believe someone has her dog. I believe she would have her dog back if he had been found by someone HONEST enough to return him. I think this is a horrid, cruel "finders keepers, losers weepers" situation.
If her dog had been hurt or worse, I believe Animal Control, the Streets Dept.or the SPCA would have given her the awful news.
My heart is broken for her.
If anyone reading this lives in Buffalo NY or a surrounding area, please help. Information is posted in every PetSmart, PetCo, etc. and every smaller pet supply store I've visited, along with at least one veterinarian hospital. There's a recent post on the Buffalo NY Craigslist.
I don't know his owner, but I'm going to contact her again. She might even be a member here--I don't know.
Even if she isn't a member, she's one of us. Let's help her.

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Comment by Julieann on December 11, 2009 at 3:46pm
People can be cruel, The Animal Welfare League here has brought in a new rule because of people like this who find a cute dog and want to keep it, you have to surrender the dog to them to give the owner time to search, also they chip micro chip etc then if the dog is unclaimed after a month you can buy it from them. On the other hand a friend if mine had this gorgeous dog turn up on her door step, because of the state it was in she thought he must of been lost for a long time, he father a vet treated the dog and she rang the phone number on the collar getting a very rude abrupt person who called the dogs names and said i will come and get the stupid bloody thing when i have time.$ days later this person turned up to get this dog stating don`t expect me to pay the vet.My friend was saddened that she was returning this dog to a horrible person. well some things just are meant to be 4 days later the door turned up at her place with bleeding paws either from digging it`s way out of somewhere or cruelty from the owner, her father once again treated the dog and it was rehomed far away from the owner, it is a pure bred and of show dog quality. the owner came to her house looking for his dog using abuse and swear words she politely said no i have not seen your dog.
Sorry to ramble on but the lady could be in luck on a show on TV afamily was reunited with their dog who had gone missing 18 months ago, some one had taken to another state but it got picked up and the microchip was still in the original owners name,the dog recognised them and everyone was happy. Good Luck.

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