I groomed my oldest golden Ally who is 11 years old and still looks &  acts like a puppers instead of 11 years old, and as I shaved her coat off since its been so so hot here in California, I felt so many lumps on her back. I touch her all the time but her coat is so thick and she reminds me of a hairy polar bear. So when her coat  was only 1 1/2 thick, well her back felt like a bumpy road. She has one huge lump right dab in the middle of her back and it makes me sad. Sad to know that my unconditional love for her is not enough. Sad to know I can't put one of my furkids through chemo treatments again as I did with Brandi.

Ally is so happy and doesn't give me one bit of trouble. She has a great personality and seems to be in no pain, and when I took her to the vets about all these lumps, The vet went on to tell me what they would do to her to find out if these lumps were cancer.

I feel if I even start poking her with needles all the time and constantly taking her in or giving her alot of meds, she will become sad because right now, she has it made with us as all of our goldens do & had.
I give her anything she wants and I let her get away with alot of things because she is older now and I'm sure she doesn't have a whole lot of time, and so I feel, I will share my life with her until the end.


Be there for her and keep her happy and playful and give her lotz of kisses and hugs. Ally is my oldest baby girl. The one who isn't the sharpest crayon in the box since getting bit by a baby rattle snake a while ago.


 But Ally is my Ally. My heart, and my love, and when I see her hurting or not acting like Ally anymore then I will have to make a decision.

Am I wrong to feel this way?

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