Others Opinions and more information about Death Row Dog Rescue...

Here are what dog lovers are saying   read their comments.  It is beyond my comprehension how this woman is STILL operating.

Truth or Tails Radio Show link   I could not believe my ears listening to this.  the things this woman admits to, all the while trying to bash others, and make excuses .   It shocks me to know the state does nothing to protect the dogs and people from her.   

Testimonials - first hand accounts MUST READ  I grew sick to my stomach as my heart ached as I read some of these testimonials.  ex-volunteers, adopters, fosters  wrote.

This is local to me and it disgusts me to my core that this goes on.  the woman has been run out Miami, Davie, and now is in Oakland Park FL  still scamming her way .  the court records go back years and years and as others pointed out,  show a pattern (and not a pretty one).   She is on this page listed as Diana Peters's, trying to gain sympathy and support.   

Darcy's advice under the comments to search scam reports - is a MUST  even more stories and more disgust. check out this link  to get to some of them  SCAM REPORTS   and join their facebook page for information.Facebook page.

from what I am researching and reading she is connected to some other questionable people in the rescue world, though all aren't as vocal online as her.  the scandals are there.  

I was going to make this blog about the bad rescues, but I think I also want to highlight some of the sincere rescues.  the ones who don't boast how great they are, the ones who get it done and put the animals first.  

I say keep up the great work scam busters....  the people need to know the truth. 

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