Most of these tumors are seen in older dogs yet I think it’s very important taking care of your dog when she needs you the most. Some symptoms are loss of appetite, fever, abdominal enlargement, hair loss, and many others. You can feel some ovarian tumors by the simple touch of your hands. However, an abdominal ultrasound might be the best choice if you see the symptoms but can’t feel the tumor. Be supportive of your dog. It’s as uncomfortable for animals as it is for humans. Their behavior might change. Don’t take it personal. Your dog loves you; she is just crossing a difficult path in her dog years. Your Vet will probably advice surgical removal, and chemotherapy. You might try some herbal remedies before doing that. Many times, the best alternative is removing the ovaries early on in life. However, I’m not a 100% supporter of that just as I’m not 100% supporter of the use of hormones to treat menopause. Why would you deprive your dog from experiencing something as beautiful as becoming a mother? I remember a lady that removed her dog’s ovaries. Poor thing, her dog always searched in various corners of the house as if she were looking for her puppies. I think that’s cruel.

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