This is My Peaches.....I rescued her she would of gone to the SPCA...her owner died of cancer and loved her so much...I'm her mommy now and we love each other unconditionally...

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Comment by Kara on April 24, 2009 at 12:18pm
Oh Peaches is so cute! Your story of how you adopted her was similar to how I adopted my beloved Susie. How old is Peaches? I am all for rescuing dogs. My boyfriend and I adopted our dog Boomer from the SPCA. Next month, we plan on adopting another one. He is very active and we think he needs a playmate.

But I had surgery to remove two large ovarian cysts last Friday. The surgery went really well and I am home recovering. I am doing really well. But am not up to adopting a new dog yet.

So soon, but no quite yet.

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