Preparing for your Puppy’s Arrival

All of us get excited when we adopt a new puppy & bring it home. However, most of us forget about a few things we should purchase before bringing in our new family member. Some people out there like buying bedding from garage sales. I prefer buying new blankets on sale; after you wash the used ones over & over again they won’t last that much & in the long run you’ll spend more money. You should also get a tag (sold at most pet stores). A leash and collar is provided usually at rescues & shelters. When bringing your puppy home make sure you take him out for a walk a few times & preferably to the same spot so that he will get accustomed to his new bathroom. Always praise your puppy for being such a good dog. I purchased a non-contact thermometer for my new puppy I adopted 2 months ago just in case he gets sick. A lady at the shelter recommended it to me. You need to be patient with your new dog as there are rules he needs to learn. There are good trainers out there but if you don’t want to pay the money you can do a great job as well. It’s just like teaching a baby, lots of patience & lots of repetition. Remember removing all hazards temptations from your puppy’s reach. His exploring mouth might be a little destructive to his health…Good luck!

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