On our last visit with Dr. Macy, all test results were normal with the exception of the same liver enzymes which are still elevated! Dr. Macy does not think that it is necessary to pursue the causes of the elevated liver issues unless something changes. During the period of Rusty's digestive problems, Dr. Macy ran several tests on him including abdominal scans, which were normal. None of the tests identified any causes of his intestinal distress; Dr. Macy thinks that it is probably the result of all the Chemo treatments along with a couple of the meds which are designed to help the stomach deal with the Chemo but can cause long term stomach problems (much like my stomach after the damage that was done by Vioxx & Celebrex). He is keeping Rusty on Sucralfate to help control any more flareups as the drug is designed to pass through his stomach with out any reaction if everything is normal. If there are any issues, ulcers or inflammation, the medicine will react and help heal those areas. The Sucralfate has to given to Rusty two hours before meals, which means 4:30 or 5:00 in the mornings; good thing we are early risers!

We have completed over six weeks without any vomiting/diarrhea issues! After two or more weeks being on all kinds of meds, which had no effect on his problems, Rusty stopped eating for three days; he refused to even look at any food no matter what it was. During this period Dr. Macy said to stop all of the meds as he thought Rusty was trying heal himself by resting his stomach and intestinal system. On the fourth day he was ready to eat and Dr. Macy had us start with Chicken Noodle Soup (Jewish Penicillin) which Rusty loved and had no problems with vomiting; when he resumed with his BM's they were normal with out any signs of diarrhea. We began mixing in ground sirloin after a few days and stopped the soup after a week; he is now on ground sirloin & EVO dry food. We gradually moved him to canned EVO a couple weeks ago but his diarrhea flared up, so he is back on ground sirloin & dry EVO. Apparently the canned food is just too rich for his system. Rusty lost over five pounds while dealing with his digestive distress and we are now working to regain some of those lost pounds.

When Dr.'s Huber and Macy made their presentation to the Pet Club last fall, they went out on a limb and said they wanted to be invited to Rusty's third birthday party. Rusty will turn three at the end of July and Dr. Macy is planning on being in town for his party! His next scheduled visit with Dr. Macy will be in late July or early August unless something develops in the meantime! It is so wonderful seeing him back to normal, full of energy and still enjoying everyday to the max! We know that we have to take these good times with subdued joy as the cancer could return at any moment. Dr. Macy is amazed that Rusty is doing so well; he celebrated his sixteenth month Ampuversary yesterday!

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Comment by Lynn Pennington on June 8, 2011 at 12:57pm

I am so GLAD to hear Rusty is doing well!  16 months...wow...that is great!


Comment by Jill Stout on May 27, 2011 at 4:12am

Thanks for the update. I think about youur family and the continuing battle often and send up good thoughts! I am so glad he is doing well. I hear the reservations in your voice about Rusty's remission from this nasty disease. Rusty couldn't have better pawrents! That feeling of the inevitability of the return of Rusty's Cancer makes me sad.

I have begun to take my "kids" to an almost totally raw diet and it is soooo expensive! However, I truly believe that we have bred this terrible disease into our pets by the food we feed them. Mine are getting ground chicken, beef, turkey, lots of veggies, kale, parsley and blueberries along with a blend of lecithin, spirulina, vitamin c and nutritional yeast. It takes me about 4 hours start to finish every Saturday to shop, prepare and freeze a week's worth of meals, but they seem to be thriving. Good enough for me. I don't know if I will succeed in keeping my  "kids" cancer free throughout their lifetimes, but I will go out trying!

I feel so bad for Ellen and those that are losing the battle against this disease and am praying that Rusty beats it completely. Just because the "normal" is 3 years, doesn't mean that he couldn't win the battle. Every small victory for one of out kids is a victory for all of us, especially those of us who have lost that battle and seen our pets cross that bridge. It has been 16 months since we lost Bailey and I still miss that boy very much.

Thanks so much for the updates and keep strong my friend! Blessing to you and smooches to Rusty.

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