Rusty's 18th Month Ampuversary, 3rd Birthday and 2011 Video

We have been busy and I have been off-line for a while; I wanted to give everyone an update on Rusty.  With the losses that some members have occurred it is nice to be able to share Rusty's success.


I have uploaded a new video of Rusty to Youtube:

He is doing more swimming & jumping this year which I focused on; I think two surfin' videos are enough.  Jan spotted a small video camera (1/2 the size of a pack of cigarettes) on QVC that will go underwater and shoot 720 HD videos, for less than $60.  I am still learning its underwater capabilities, but wanted to get this video uploaded.


We celebrated Rusty's 3rd birthday on August 5th; Dr. Macy was not in town on Rusty's actual date, July 30th, and he wanted to attend the party.  Dr. Huber and Dr. Yee were also included in the party; Dr. Huber performed Rusty's amputation. Several of Rusty's dog friends parents also helped him celebrate his special day.  Jan decorated the dining tables in a doggy theme and made cupcakes with dog picks & liners.  We ordered a new bandanna for his party and he received several toys and gifts from his supporters.

Rusty had his 18 month follow-up with Dr. Macy on the 4th; his 18 month amputation anniversary was July 25th.  Dr. Macy took X-Rays of his chest, abdomen and pelvis and they were all clear of any Mets!!; Dr. Huber did an rectal exam and everything seemed normal!  His blood work was normal except for the liver functions; he is continuing to have elevated levels, up again since three months ago.  Dr. Macy said that he is getting concerned about the continued rise in enzymes and performed some additional tests to see if any cancer was present; the tests were negative for cancer. 

The liver issues started when Rusty consumed some meds when a friend left her open purse on the floor at Christmas; she claims that he only ate some ant-acids.  However, she had several meds in her purse including heart pills; we will never know if that was the cause of his problems.  Dr. Macy started  him on milk thistle, which is not agreeing with his stomach. We will be following up with Dr. Macy tomorrow and hopefully find something that will work for the liver and he can keep down.

Dr.'s Macy & Huber were very pleased with Rusty's 18th month checkup; Dr. Huber had been optimistic that Rusty would make 18 months or longer, but Dr. Macy was not as confident because of the very aggressive form of cancer that Rusty has.  Rusty continues to make new friends and they are amazed when they hear his story; as I have said we don't know how long Rusty will be with us but are very grateful that he continues to do so well.  We are not making any plans for his 4th birthday but we are keeping the decorations just in case the miracle continues.  He continues to enjoy his swimming, socializing at the lake and riding around in his golf cart.


Chuck & Rusty


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Comment by Jill Stout on August 18, 2011 at 5:56pm
Chuck---Thank You so much for the update and the video! You are so wonderful to share Rusty's progress with us. One miracle helps us all and I pray that Rust gets 10+ more years of miracles before the Rainbow Bridge calls his name.
Keep up the good work and know we all are still praying for him every day.

Smooches to Rusty from Benson, Daisy and Gypsy!

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