Rusty's Update and the 25th will be his 15 month ampuversary!

We saw Dr. Macy last week and Rusty's liver enzymes are now within the upper limits of where they should be and his vomiting seems to be under control, which may have been from the elevated liver enzymes.  Rusty has developed severe diarrhea and is not responding to any of the meds; Dr. Macy was concerned that the cancer may have returned and wanted to send us to San Diego for ultrasound scans.  His office called this week and the Dr. from the imaging center in San Diego was coming to town today and bringing his equipment with him, which saved us going to San Diego (which disappointed Jan as she had hoped to go to Nordstorm's while we were there).

We took Rusty in this morning and they did several scans of his abdomen and Dr. Macy said that they all appeared normal with no signs of any masses!  Dr. Waldman wants to review the scans when he returns to San Diego before issuing his final report but Dr. Macy doesn't expect any changes.  The scans reduced the chances that Rusty's stomach issues are from the spread of the cancer but did not provide any answers as to why he is having so many digestive problems.  Dr. Macy increased the dosage of his anti-diarrhea meds and we are to withhold all food for 24 hours to let his stomach rest.  Rusty's appetite had decreased the last couple of days and he does not seem concerned that he is not getting fed.  We will introduce a very bland diet tomorrow in hopes this will clear up his issues.  If this does not work Dr. Macy is worried about his liver and will do some specialized tests in two weeks; Rusty has to go without food for 48 hours before these tests are done.

Obviously, we are very relived with the results of the scans but still very concerned about his liver.  If it is his liver, Dr. Macy does not know if it is a result of the chemo, spread of the cancer or something else. We went swimming after we came home which Rusty really enjoyed.

The 25th will be Rusty's 15 month Ampuversary!  Other than his digestive issues he seems to be doing very well other than still tiring much quicker than he did previously.  Weather has finally warmed up, very quickly, and the heat could be affecting him.  They did shave his abdomen so at least that will be cool for a few weeks.

Chuck & Rusty

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Comment by Jill Stout on April 20, 2011 at 9:29pm

I will continue to pray for Rusty. He has done so well and he has become the poster child for success so far. He has a great pawrent in you two. Good thoughts coming your way

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