As crazy as it might sound and in today’s economy…taking a day off with your dog will greatly improve your quality of life. I know for those of you living up north it’s kind of hard going out because it’s really cold. However, you can still take a day off and dedicate it entirely to your canine friend. Give him/her an especial treat, and play his/her favorite game. Take him to the beach or to a park if the weather allows you to do so. Listen, it might sound a little harsh but if they are going to fire you at work they will still do it even if you don’t take a day off. Your dog is more important than your job because your dog is going to be always there even after the economy collapses. Jobs come and go, and of course, there are bills to pay. Take a day off with your dog. Believe me, after you rethink your life, relax a little, and dedicate some time to your pet, things will change. You’ll think clearer, and you’ll not what to do. Sometimes when we are in the same environment for too long we become machines. Take a day off with your dog. It’ll be worth it.

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