The Horror To Realize Not All Rescues are Good Rescues!

I always assumed someone who was a rescuer was kind, loving, and honest.  On facebook I learned the dirty secrets that some of them keep.  Some rescuers are about the money, not about the dogs or cats, or horses even.  Animals of all sizes their sad stories used to collect donations which con people take advantage of. 
They take advantage of the good people who donate,  take advantage of the animals who need to be saved.  
Here is just one of many I learned about on Facebook.  I made donations to this rescue before, only to learn the truth behind the old womans lies.   A wolf in sheeps clothing .   Things like this disgust me.   This is one of many.  Please read the blog and visit them on facebook.  A wonderful group of caring, loving, like minded people who are in it for the dogs, and for the people.    

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Comment by john on April 14, 2012 at 4:10pm

ok so i see that all the comments that were on here before about this woman are gone even her name when search on this site it doesnt come up, why all of  a sudden has she dissappeared from i remember love?? i thought she said how she saved all these dogs and a few people questioned her and now just like thin air poof gone.. now i see all these new posts about her so i researched and WOW all the stuff that has come up everywhere,,, facebook, scam alert , ripoff report, many county clerks websites. unreal i just googled her name and my computer almost  fell apart by the way some many things came up... she seems to be well known as a scam person, how can she do this to innocent dogs and people thats not a true rescue person only a person who only cares about themselves..

Comment by Darcy Butkus on April 14, 2012 at 3:17pm

Hi there!  

I agree 100%.  Just like you, I also believed those that are in rescue are in it for rescue.  WRONG!!!!!!  Not that at all.  They are in it to make money off of the animals.  Who does this???  I will tell you who....a scam artist.  One that has no feelings what so ever. A narcissistic individual with absolutely no feelings at all.   People that are totally selfish and are not in their right minds.   There is one on this site, named Diana Peters.   A true con artist.  She does not belong on this site.   Please check out   and search for Diana Peters.  See how many articles come up.  Reserve about 4 hours to read everything!    

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