Every Valentine's Day since 1992, I have celebrated my dog
Maui (pictured above) with an abundance of gratitude. That's the day that I brought her home with me when she was a tiny puppy, and that's the day I launched
Do You Remember Love? years later, in 2007. Maui passed away in the summer of 2008, and I dreaded Valentine's Day 2009. But the day ended up being wonderful. I was still missing Maui, of course. But I was also so happy to have gotten over much of the pain of her loss; and to walk with a joyful new little
Kanga on the same beach that Maui loved so much. The day ended up feeling more like a celebration than mourning. The power of Maui's love protected me from too much grief on that day. This year, as
Valentine's Day 2010 rolls closer, I am so grateful to Maui for "keeping my heart open" - as my wife likes to say - for all of those years. And I'm grateful to her for inspiring my book,
How to Meditate with Your Dog, and my little poem/movie
Do You Remember Love? and for the creation of this website, which would not be possible without the love that our dogs show us every day.

Two years ago a member of this community (an intern for my publishing company) designed a t-shirt that says
"my dog is my valentine!" I asked her to make a mug version, and she kind of went to town with a book bag and a sweatshirt and a whole mess of other items. If you want to see her designs, you can go to
My Question for You... Here's a question for you:
would you send email valentine's to your friends' dogs? A couple of years ago I had a valentine system set up, and I was thinking I could set it up again - is it something you'd like to have? Let me know.
I want to really celebrate Valentine's Day this year - because my dogs Kanga and Maui ARE my valentines! Just reply to this post below.

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Comment by Sue on January 19, 2010 at 3:22pm
Yes, but only e-Valentines. Yes, every day with our fur-kids is special, but holidays are just excuses to add to that fun. :) Our dogs are delighted to get even more attention, even though they have no idea why or what we're cooing about!

Sue & Jim and Sony and Lillibet and Dixie
Comment by Lauren K Gropp on January 19, 2010 at 3:03pm
Hello James,
No, I celebrate everyday we(my pups & I) have together, just as I do with my forever love, Eric.
I don't send holiday cards to family and friends pets, nor do I sing happy birthday to my pups. Everyday is special, so I celebrate each day with love, snuggles, long walks and bunches of kisses. All of this is merely for the humans, but what matters to our beloved pets(family members) is the love, affection, attention & care we give them.
Lauren K Gropp

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