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At 11:46pm on January 12, 2012, Mrs. Lorna R. Lanyon said…

Hi Molly:  It's been a long time now,almost a year and a half since we were last in contact, I'm 76 and Hoku turned 3 last August 2, how time flies.

I was computerless for a while until a good friend gave me a lovely new lap-top last September  and am only now catching up with old friends such as you, Jim, Kanga and Tinkerbell (Roo).

Still haven't mastered the art of down-loading photos from my camera, printing, sending same but hopefully one of these days some one will take pity on me and show me how it's done, having been born before computers were more than a science fiction fantasy.  Electric type-writers were the "In Thing" then, along with automatic automobiles, only women-drivers also "new kids on the block" would drive ONE OF THOSE as no self-respecting man would be caught dead driving anything other than a stick shift.  Any-way once I've mastered the art of sending photos will forward same so that you can see those four-pawed beings that keep me young? or more or less sane!

Hoku still loves her squeaky toys, thank-you for naming her for me, is as mischievious as ever, hopefully that will never change, and as for the rest of my 'Motely Crew' they're always morwe than ready to join in her fun and games. 

Love to all, Lorna.

At 4:24pm on April 30, 2010, Mrs. Lorna R. Lanyon said…
Hi Molly: I certainly do remember Hokulani means Heavenly Star and it fits in perfectly with her Great Grandmothers nick-name Grey Ghost, commonly known as 'Minty', and her mother's nick-name 'Silver Shadow' commonly known as Iona, while wee Hokulani Gets Hoku. I've bred Yorkies for thirty years, and thought her immediate family, Minty, Islay, Grand-mother, Dad, Little Man, and Mum were smartest of the bunch, BUT HOKU?!!!!she's more mischievous, full of beans, and can run circles round the others when it comes to escaping any form of confinement, unless locked in! She's taught them how to open louvered doors between OUR BED-ROOM (Yorkies PERMIT me to share it AND THE BED), and bathroom, then the other louvered door leading down a short hall to main part of house, and from there to the front porch, IF Door leading onto porch is left ajar, even as little as an inch or two, Finally by using combined weight of Five Yorkies (Twenty-Five pounds in total) push open screen door leading to side yard and VOILA FREEDOM!!!!! and folk wonder why my hair is WHITE!!!! Can't blame itentirely on reaching 75 years of age, last April 12! Would I change a single thing about my almost TERRIBLE TWO YEAR OLD? NEVER!!!! She and her family co-horts are whatmkepp me young, and make life worth living. Love to you and James, tummy rubs, cuddles and all their favourite things to Kanga and Tinks . By the way do either of them like 'Squeaky Toys?' Hoku loves them and is rarely seen when running around the house with-out one in her mouth happily squeaking it as she goes! Lorna
At 4:09pm on February 16, 2010, bill cronin said…
At 8:28pm on November 20, 2009, Murphy Brown said…

its been way tooo long since i've been here at this site....I hope life is goin well for you. At this time of year, I hope you celebrate with friends and family and especially with your pets. Thanks for stilll being my friend after all this time.... Murphy & john
At 2:49pm on October 18, 2009, Lizabeth aka Beth Kahn said…
Sorry Molly,
I know what its like to lose a good friend, my dog of 13 yrs.
My own brother died, and I cried more for my dog than I did for my brother.
Sounds harsh but its true..
Grieve for as long as you need to, then go out & get another dog, because you have love to give to a new puppy.
At 1:59pm on September 14, 2009, Carolyn Holt said…
So sorry about your loss. We have lost 7 dogs in the last 8 years & each one hurts as bad as the one before but there are always so many rescues looking for a great home. God Bless, Carolyn
At 12:50pm on September 14, 2009, Grief Worthy said…
So sorry to hear about Cyrus. You have my prayers for sure. Maybe he will be lucky enough to meet my angel NIKKI GIRL, up there. Please let your friend know about and She will find comfort and healing there.
At 5:16pm on September 8, 2009, Rebecca Drew said…
hi Molly,
i am so sorry for your loss. i just lost my baby on july 20th, his name is Coal. he is the love of my life and i just don't know how to live without him.
At 6:45am on August 19, 2009, Helen said…
Hi Molly,
I use a product called "Eye Clear" which seems to help with Ceili's below the eye stains. It's an eye drop, but I've never used it that way, have just applied it externally. It's the only product I've found for eye stains that doesn't carry the warning "not to get in the dog's eyes". To be able to do that would be one neat trick!!
Also, I just loved the video of you and Kanga. Thank you for sharing it with all of us, your huge "extended family".
At 10:38am on November 10, 2008, Carlton Laing said…

Just a note to let you know I received your message. Certainly, I am not trying to interject myself into the procedure. I have limited time. My response was just because you suggested that I might be able to assist.

Good luck with the photo contest and if you want anything from me just let me know.

I looked at the painting of Maui today. It is very nice and I am sure that James appreciates receiving it.


Carlton Evans Laing, Jr.
PO Box 5827
Tallahassee, Florida 32314
Cell Phone: 850-228-7330---Fax: 850-531-0122
At 7:10am on August 9, 2008, Cara said…
Thanks, Molly, which Forum do you think would be appropriate for Jenny after all we are talking about an elephant not a dog.
At 4:55pm on July 26, 2008, Kara said…
I discovered your e-mails on my computer before I joined. I got three of them, don't know how? So reading about Maui made me take a closer look. I was so impressed with all the prayers for Maui. I had been contacting many animal sites to raise funds for my service dog, I must have hit this site. I think a pet lovers group is a wonderful idea. How did you get so many responces and prayers for Maui if you don't mind me asking. I really want my dog Rusty on a prayer list.
At 10:31am on July 24, 2008, Maltese Mom said…
Molly, I feel for you. I just lost my 12 year old Maltese Rio on June 28th. Rio passed away in my arms. Sarah and I have been corresponding for sometime and we lost our beloved Chia and Rio two days apart. Because of your website Sarah and I met and we are able to express our thoughts to each other and write exactly what we are going through. It will be three weeks since Rio passed and I still find myself getting teary eyed and I honestly cannot believe my sweet Rio is gone, but not gone from my heart. Bless Maui !
At 2:00am on June 29, 2008, Vyolet said…
Hi Molly, I like your "prayers" page. I have a website (www.dogstarenergycenter) that may interest you. There is a place where people can add their animals' names for healing energy. It helps any animal in need of assistance
whether it be for situations concerning health, behavior or
circumstance. All on the list shall be given long distance energy therapy daily by myself and those that have completed Energy Therapy Classes. If you have or know of an animal that needs assistance please email me with their name at
Names will be posted as soon as possible and remain on the list for at least 1 month. Here is the link
Animals can use all the prayers and energy they can get.
Thanks, Vyolet
At 2:46pm on June 25, 2008, Carlton Laing said…

I tried to send you an email to the address shown on the email you sent to me today. It would not go through. I tried two times. I was sending the email to I did not know if you wanted me to reply to your email by using this method. Following is the message I tried to send to you earlier today:

Hi Molly,

I am glad you received my suggestion about the "photo contest". I tried to keep a copy of the message after I wrote it and I did not succeed. Since I was also unsure if the message went through I was concerned with the procedure I used. Anyway, I am pleased you received the mail and have interest in the photo contest idea.

Like I have told you I really like your web site. It is always fun to look at the animals and imagine the relationship of the pets to their owners. Plus, in the good photos you can really "feel" the personality of the pet. I am sure you know what I am talking about. My suggestion had its catalyst when I looked at quite a few photos which I really would not have placed on the site--if it were me. Please know that I am not being critical but I would guess you know what I mean.

The idea of a photo contest was to encourage folks to place the best photos on your site that they can. For example, on page 2 look at photo C3 and you will see a small dog at the beach. You really can not tell anything about the photo or the pet. And, on photo D4 the personality of the dog comes out when you look into his eye. (Examples only.)

I do not believe that a photo contest would discourage folks from placing photos and I would guess that you would not want to discourage people regardless of the overall quality of the photos. A contest would have the effect, I would anticipate, of encouraging people to place their wonderful pet photos on your site and the results would be greater quality and greater overall interest.

If people began to see the photos that were selected for the "contest" perhaps then folks would work to improve the overall quality of the photos placed. The better the photos, the better the enjoyment would be while folks looked at the site. People would see the photo that "won" the weekly contest and then say to themselves that they could make a photo like the "winner" of their pet. The idea is to encourage people without them even knowing that they are being encouraged to post better photos.

My background is in electrical engineering but I "grew up" in a photo studio. I started working there when I was 14 years old. Then I completed a photo program from NYI, a photo school in New York. I taught photography when I lived in North Carolina and then started a small photo business here in Tallahassee in 1987. The business is very small but still active although I am "semiretired" from my engineering career.

I am telling you about the photography background so you will know a little more about me and my experience, etc.

To answer your question I would be glad to assist with the photo contest if you wish. I would do this unless something came along that prohibited my time which I do not anticipate at this time. To simply select three photos per week seems to be of little difficulty assuming that this is what you would like to do.

Of course, it would not hurt my "feelings" if you did not want to use my services. I would be glad to make suggestions if you desired and not be the person who selected the "winning" photos or anything else.

In summary, it seems to me that there is no downside to this overall idea but I do not know what all would be involved with posting photos, etc. It seems to me that the work on the actual web site would require the most effort to set up but then the showing of the week's winning photos would be easy once the system was set up.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you and James in this regard. Like I said above I will be glad to assist if you desire my services.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Carlton Evans Laing, Jr.
PO Box 5827
Tallahassee, Florida 32314
Cell Phone: 850-228-7330---Fax: 850-531-0122
At 6:46pm on June 13, 2008, PAT said…
Hi Molly,

Many thanks for responding so quickly to my question.
I did what you said and the boxes cleared as you said they would. You must be a computer whiz, lady!

By the way, Maui isn't exactly "blind", she just can't see with her EYES anymore. She is very aware of her people and her surroundings through the other non-physical senses that animals have. People have these senses as well, but we've grown stupid about using them as our ancestors did to stay alive. I guess it's called "progress". I have another word for it!

Have your ever had Maui's aura photographed? I'll bet there are lots of shades of pink, white and indigo blue with many fuzzy balls of light (her spirit guides) around her. I suspect that she is an old spirit from what I've read in Jame's stories about her. After all, SHE taught him to meditate, right?

Just to let you know, a good friend of mine is an Animal Communicator and has several clients in Hawaii who call her here in Pennsylvania for telephone consultations. Her name is Rev. Pamela Saylor, she is a Christian minister and her website is: if you'd like to go online and check out her practice. She's GREAT! When I call her for a consultation with my cats, even the ones who are now "in spirit" join in. I call it a "conference call"!

By the way, if your kitchen has a stainless steel sink, rubbing your hands on the stainless steel gets rid of a lot of nasty odors. When I was a prep cook in restaurants, that is how we would get rid of the smell of fish on our hands, by rubbing them on the stainless steel surface. It's weird, but it works for lots of unpleasant smells.

Thanks very much for your help and I'll let you know if it STAYS that way. I appreciate your promptness.

Lots of HUGS and snuggles for Miss Maui and the rest of the creatures, great and small. God bless you all.
At 3:15pm on June 12, 2008, Candyce Corcoran said…
Thank you very much for your thoughts about It was a book written out of love.
At 12:40pm on May 29, 2008, Maltese Mom said…
I want my Mom to be a member of the Maltese Group.
She tried but was not successful.

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