Sriman Narayanaya Mantra Musikvideo by Kirtan Family// Yoga Vidya Ashram

Shrīman Nārāyana Nārāyana Nārāyana
              Dm         C                 Am
Lakshmī Nārāyana Nārāyana Nārāyana
           G              Dm               F
Shrīman Nārāyana Nārāyana Nārāyana
          Dm            C                 Am
Lakshmī Nārāyana Nārāyana Nārāyana
Am Em
Sītā Rāma Kaho Rādhe Shyāma Kaho
         Dm                           Am
Sītā Rāma Kaho Jaya Rādhe Shyāma Kaho
Sītā Rām Jaya Rādhe Shyām

Clara Grubert: lead-voc
Shankara Pierre Hübener: back-voc, Udu, beatbox
Patrik Frauzem: back-voc, Harmonium
Dorothee Grubert: back-voc, bass, git

Arrangement, Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Dorothee Grubert

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