My little girl is 4 years old and I'm the only one shes ever had since my divorce. Right now I'm in a bad position, no job, living here and there; not sure where my life is going, Not to lay a sad story on anyone, but I have considered giving Annie away to a good home, because I'm not sure how to take care of both of us. I love her more than anything in the world and feel she is all I really have left, but I know she deserves more. I live in kenai, Alaska now, and if there is anyone who knows of someone who needs a beautiful loving cocker, please email with your advice.

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You are in my thoughts - I know this is a tough time for you.

Be well...

This is a tough time for me, the worst I've ever been. I thank you so much, all thoughts and prayers are welcomed!!!

You must really be struggling if you are thinking of having to release Annie. As a volunteer for a rescue - we see it all too often. It does happen - and it does not mean you are a bad person for doing so - you are looking after the dog's best interest as well. There is great joy when relinquisher's do come back (not all too often though). I'm not encouraging you do relinquish her to a rescue, but just want you to know, it does happen and not to punish yourself for it. NOW - being in a very similar situation years ago, I struggled what to do with my Rugar. I had decided he stuck with me and I would do anything in my power to stay with him. There is a reason you have your companion - and Annie will get you thru some of the toughest times in your life. One of the greatest gifts in the world is a pet (ok - a dog :) ) - their devotion, loyality, unconditional love thru thick and thin will give you the strength you need to get thru this tough time. Annie actually needs you in her life right now as well - as going thru a divorce can create a seperation anxiety just like kids experience when parents divorce - dogs too, need a constant steady in their life. Good luck to you my friend. Something good comes out of every bad situation. Try to remember that God spelled backwards is Dog. :)
Bless your heart I know you are going through a hard time right now. I can't imagine what you are going through and trying to decide what to do with Annie. She reminds me of my Jacoby who died 10 years ago and I still miss him. He helped me through some sad times, see my husband died in 1990 and Jacoby was the one who greeted me every evening after work, he was the one that was there every morning when I woke. He was one of my reasons for going on, I knew someone had to take care of him and in he own way he was taking care of me. Then a couple of years later I met someone new and Jacoby approved of him in such a sweet way. Carroll was sitting with his hand laying beside him and Jacboy came over and layed his head in hand and then jumped in his lap. Needless to say Carroll and I have been married for 16 years now. I know this is really long but I would hate to see you give Annie away if there is any possible way to keep her. I wish I lived in Alaska I would foster her for you till you got your feet back on the ground. I'm praying for you and hope you make the decision that is right for you and Annie. God Bless you.
Hi Trish:
Reading your story I remembered when I was in university, I didn't have a dog then but I had a very dear and loving siamese cat called Nefertiti. She was with me thru my divorce and she was with me when I went back to school but then she developed mammary cancer. Sometimes it was a choice between her medical treatment and having food in the fridge, but I always made sure she got what she needed. I lost some weight, but we stayed together, because we needed each other. Please try and keep your Annie if you possibly can - I think it would be the best thing for you both as it was for me and Nefer. God bless you and Annie and help you at this very difficult time.
Trish, do not make any decisions now. Even though you are in a bad position in your life right now your little girl will help you through it. Remember she is 4 years old and she loves you dearly. Any seperation for either of you will not be good especially right now. I know you love her and I feel you need to have her by your side during this time. Good Luck.


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