Teddy Bear came to me on Christmas Eve 2003 at the age of 9 yrs. old. He was about to be euthanized by his owners because they didn't want him anymore. After they tried starving him nearly to death, he was off to the vet to be put down but thank God I got there in time. Teddy came home with me...nothing but a bag of bones, weak from starvation, an eye infection, urinary tract infection, and just a poor little soul. He came to me at a terrible time in my life and he gave me a purpose for living. He changed my whole life around that Christmas Eve. He was with me for 4 years before he developed lymphoma and I lost him in Dec. of 2007. I miss my little man so much and there isn't a day goes by that I don't think of him and how we changed each others lives. The pictures I posted show just how he transformed from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan and the best little companion a person could have. God rest your soul Teddy Bear.....I love you!

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AWWW, You did a wonderful thing! He will be waiting across the Rainbow Bridge & you will see him again someday. GOD Bless You.
what a heart warming story you have. Sorry you lost him though. People who had him before should have same thing done to them. I hate, I know that is a strong word, animal abusers. What can a poor little guy do to deserve that type of treatment. Thank God you were there to give him some good years that he had left.
Good god such sadness. Teddy bear is so lucky to have had you come into his life...What the heck makes people think they can just throw away their animals away just because they no longer want to care for them? The usually excuse of most shelter dogs...moving, child is allergic, can't afford, dose not like kids. the excuse list goes on and on...It makes me so mad.. You were blessed to have come into Teddy Bears life and he yours..You did a wonderful job in his last years.
What a big heart you have! I'm sure that Teddy is still very much with you, Steph. Thank you for being you.
Thank doG for people like you,I have rescued an 8 year old Tenterfeild terrier cross foxie,who was abandoned with a broken leg then had to have it amputated,people say," but he only has a few years left in him", WHO CARES i intend to make that few years happy years.
Julieann....and thank DOG for people like you too. You saw past the pain and look of terror on that little guys face and took him in. Who says he only has a few years left in him!! He could outlive even that person...we don't know when our time is up. And now I'm sure that little guy is living a very happy life and knows he's loved and that's all that matters.
What a wonderful story and what a beautiful person you are. I was very touched and inspired by your story. Teddy Bear was lucky to have met you. Your paths crossed at the right time.
God Bless you Teddy Bear......

Teddy bear anf you had a bond so specila and close..You were both blessed to find each other...teddy bear was a blessing not a loss.
This could have been such a sad story...but I read the hope and love that you brought to this little guys life. I have a little one named Teddy also, I love this breed for thier strong personally and great outlook on life. Your Teddy sure found an angel when he found you. RIP little one.


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