Maui (Maltese) will climb right on top of my stomach and use my "chest" ;-) as a pillow. She'll be snoring within sixty seconds. So cute, and it's totally won my heart. I love having her sleep on me.

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Oh yes, aren't they angels when they sleep? Thor will crawl up beside me on the couch when I'm watching TV. Next thing you know he is four legs in the air and snoring softly. Adorable!!
In the early mornings, just before I have to get up for work, Thor likes to sneak up next to me and lay down as if I'm spooning him. I pull him close and bury my face in his fluffy mane while rubbing his belly. Every so often he'll do that paw over the nose move that is just oh-so-cute!
Yup, I may have to start spoiling him some day. Ha Ha!


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