Hi, I`m Constance, and I am new at this , so please be patient with me. I am lookiing to join a group with poodle lovers.

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Hi, Constance. I was blessed with the company of my sweet Mindy, a red-apricot toy poodle for 16 years. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis when she was 10, but I was able to keep it under control with medication and being very careful about her diet. She was the light and love of my life. We rescued a poodle-terrier mix about four years ago, and it's his poodle personality that makes him shine. Poodles are, indeed, special.
Hi,i have a Partie poodle and a Red (who is now quite faded) both have personality plus,Charlie and Fergie...no not named after the royal family although fergie was named Fergie because of her red hair like Sarah duchess of york and she is a rebel like the duchess. I didn`t set out to get poodles they just came into my life,people have told me they never would have got a poodle though after meeting mine they see that they are intelligent and not a prissy dog and would now consider it.
Yes they are my babies and we are loyal to each other.


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